Sunday, July 29, 2007

just a couple of layouts to share!

here is a Lo i did for nicola of little O he is sooo cute.
hay there everyone. hope you all had a great weekend. Mine has been nicely busy.
saturday i had to go into frankston and had to do a few things and then i popped into see wendy at paperdoll then i went to see the new arty pants store in cranbourne and popped into connie. the shop is looking awesome. Then i came home and waited for coby to come home. he had been rollerskating with this granddad and i getting very good at it apparently. then i had to take coby to my mum's house because they had arranged for coby to stay there.

Coby is a very busy boy at the moment he has not had a Saturday night at home since two weeks before the last public holiday which was in may! between spending every second saturday nigh with his dad then every other saturday with his granddad i usually get to spend every second sunday with him. he is really enjoying spending time with his granddad and also his dad which makes things easier. So having every sat night to myself is usually pretty good but chris and i run out of things to do and $ so we usually just see a movie or hand out at home which is great. im pretty lucky i have to admit.

Last nigh chris and i caught up with a few of chris' mated in patterson lakes at the cove. We had intended to just have a bar meal and a few drinks but ended up really drunk which was fun. chris and i don't usually go out and drink together that often as he really annoys me when he is drinking and we usually end up having an argument so i just find it easier to stay away form the situation! but we had a ball. chris was going to drive so i was drinking then he got talked into having a few drinks, so by that time i was drunk enough for him not to annoy me. . . . yes i was the annoying one. My voice tends to go a but high when i drink.

so the night was really good and if felt good making a spontaneous decision. My cousin came and picked us up at 12 and then i came home and went to bed but i obviously wasn't ready to go to bed because i ended up spinning and having to do a bolt to the toilet :( so today i have felt very ordinary and had to pull myself out of bed because chris and i had promised to take coby to see the simpsons movie, it was really good and coby enjoyed it too :).

ok here are the lo i said i would share. the first one is with the love elsie riley papers. im having lots of fun with the elsie papers atm.

this lo is also elsie papers. this is a group shot of us girls last year on out annual girls footy trip.guess who turned one last sunday?

happy birthday pippa girl

she wasn't too happy about wearing the birthday hat i made her. I have never been a dog person but i love her so much. it is so great to see her when i come through the door every day she is so sweet and such a lap dog all she ever wants is to sit and have a hug. Do you like her jumper.


mich said...

love your dog's jumper, very cute :) Love your layouts too. I sooooo need to scrap, really itching to do a few layouts using new stuff (NOTE TO SELF: Stay away from the TV and couch!)

Jody said...

Poor pippa girl, she looks tormented, look at the sad look on her face.

Love the layouts....good job.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Pippa, I must go and check out the new Arty Pants Store I heard that it is good. They needed to expand as the other store was well outgrown.
Sounds like you had a good night on Sataurday night, your bed episode sounds like me, although I have found that now I put a pillow under my feet and when they are elevated it helps.
Your layouts are fantastic, the new
products are super. I must look into stocking them.
Have a great day
Deb Ross

Pip said...

Love everything ... the layouts, Pippa's cute jumper and the fact that someone else's bed spins when they have had too many drinks.

connie said...

WOW Christie.. loving the new layouts....

great to bump into you on the weekend!!

Happy Birthday to Pippa!!

Bobbi Gagnon said...

Hey, I found your blog while looking through Elsie Flannigan's comments. I just thought I'd tell you I love your scrapping!

Funky Finds said...

great layout!

wendy treseder said...

Love your layouts Chris and the story about going to the cove was hilarious. Ha ha for the hangover.

Pippa looks so cute in her birthday outfit!

Have a great weekend :)