Friday, July 6, 2007

This was coby on friday afternoon after leaving Ikea. No it wasn't my shopping that wore him out it was going to see 'Finding Nemo On Ice'.We had a ball.I just love taking him to these shows and just out to no where in particular.

He is just so well behaved when it is one on one and never really misbehaves or cracks the sh*#s when i won't buy him another truck to add to his collection of 100.000 already 'parked' on my lounge room floor. He thoroughly enjoyed the show and it was very entertaining and included almost all of the scenes form the movie. The way they transformed the arena from the ocean to the fish tank was also very clever. I would highly recommend seeing it to anyone.

After the show we popped into ikea quickly to grab a globe for the lamp i bought coby 6 months ago because i didn't get one when i originally bought it...sigh. On the way home coby looked so tired and the traffic was horrendous because of the rain so i turned to him and said, 'you can close your eyes and have a sleep if you like mate' and he replied 'OK mummy' and with that he was out like a light untill we got home and parked the car in the drive way.
He is just over needing his lunchtime sleeps on alternative days but he still has one after we go on long drives or do anything that burns out all of his energy.
Ok here are Thursday's and Friday's photos.

Coby actually co-operated when posing for the Thursday night which was good for a photo opportunity. the below photo was taken when i was driving home from the city yesterday. I had just spoken to Chris who was in Mount Bulla and he informed me that he has to go back again on Tuesday because they just couldn't get the job finished. :) Yes i am crying.
Chris has been away every second week for about 2 months now and i am really ready to have him home with me. Im missing him sooo much that it really has ruined this weekend together because i know after we go to bed Monday night i won't see him again till next Friday and that he won't be home to celebrate my birthday with me on Wednesday. His boss actually called me yesterday morning and apologised and explained that chris is the only one who knows the job and that his hands are tied. which i totally understand. He also explained to me that chris has been nominated 'Employee of the month' and for this occasion and also because it is his birthday on the 16th, he wants me to organise a night away for the 2 of us and that he will pay for it.
It was a lovely gesture and i truly appreciate it but i would prefer to have him home.

So saturday chris worked in the city and when he came home we went out for 4 and to see 'knocked up' it was such a great well balanced movie it had really funny parts and aslo some moderately serious parts. after the movie chris and i went and had a coupe of drinks at a friends house then came home to bed, chris is still not 100% after his cold last week and still really tired. We had a small sleep in this morning because coby is at his dads house and won 't be home untill about 5.3opm. it has been great to have that time together.

I'm trying to be really positive at the moment but it doesn't help that i am over emotional.

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Have a great weekend


wendy said...

Hugs to you Chris - hang in there.

That photo with the tear made me want to cry too. :(


Ruey said...

{{{{HUGS}}} Christie

Happy Birthday on wednesday chicky....and I hope that the job gets done soon so that your man is home soon. Love Cobys pics....soooo cute!

mich said...

Hang in there, my dear. {{{BIG HUGS}}} I don't think I could have handled that very well at all. Not for 1 week, let alone 2 months. You have done so well.... you are special.

Sofi said...

I know what it's like Christie, it can be so hard, but just hang in there.


Pip said...

You know what you need to do Christie? Totally indulge in all of your favourite things ... take out, girlie movies, apple pie and ice cream for dinner, sleeping with the dog and buy yourself a special treat for your birthday. Well, that's what I would do!
Cheer up and have a happy day tomorrow.