Sunday, February 25, 2007


Just a quick post to share my news,
I got my email today and I have been offered a position on the Paper doll Design team, soooo excited.
Can't wait to get the DT first project. And congratulations to Jody who has been offered a DT position as well.
Had a great weekend.
Had a Big night Friday night lots of wine maybe too much. caught up with the girls and just relaxed. Bit disappointed that there wasn't a band or a DJ but we made the most of it. Took Coby on some rides at the festival on Saturday and then down to see the fireworks on sat night. He loved them. I just love seeing him enjoying himself he is so animated and enjoys the simple things just to see that look on his face makes me a little teary.
Today we went down to the frankston pier for the Walk For Dylan. It was a nice event and great to see so many people behind such a wonderful cause. There was approx 150 people there and they were all so generous giving donations and purchasing 'Dylan' memorabilia. Jody raised approx $3000 for the campaign and that was without counting all of the coin. How amazing. Speaking of amazing Jody is just so fantastic organizing these events she is such an inspiration and here generosity is breathtaking. I am so grateful to have such a fantastic friend and i know that everyone who is a part of her life feels he same.
I have the day off tomorrow which will be great, hoping to clean my house a bit and then get some scrapping done, maybe dedicate the afternoon to finishing some EDM lo.
Thanks for stopping bye hope to post my EDM LO's very soon.

a Big MWAH to all of you out there.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Did a Bit of shopping

Went to Paper Doll this afternoon and got the New Basic Grey and Scenic Route Papers. YAY
Love the SR chip circles and the whole range of Savannah and love the whole range of Phoebe so i got it all. Picked up some sheets of the Stella ruby as well.
I have a huntsman spider in the hall way and I am stuck with coby in my scrap room.Coby totally freaked out which surprised me so i had to keep it together for his sake...super mum?
Waiting for coby's dad to arrive so he can kill it




Coby's Dad is here to save the day. i have never been so excited to see him. :) Then he went to the kitchen and came back with a container.....................he was going to set it free outside. I told him that that isn't what happens in my house they must die. But i think he ignored me and set it free. NOT HAPPY.

Just a quick post today...was my last day at the kinder jason was listening to the village people 'Mucho Man' at 8am this morning when i got to work...................shouldn't that be illegal?
It just justified how glad i am to be leaving. felt a little sad especially that none of the parents know, jason didn't bother informing them :(.

So next week i will be at the Pub and will prob begin with the agency soon see how that goes.

well off to have a girls night out.................mmmmmmmmmmm wine.

Catch ya later ladies

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i Resigned!

well i did it i resigned?

I handed it in on monday and since then Jason has been even more of a wank, this just justifies my decision. I was sick today :( well sort of.

So next week im back at the pub, Jai the new head chef was great he is letting me work a double shift (day and night) on monday and wednesday and a day shift on thursday i will prob pick some extra shifts here and there.

I have been madly trying to finish my EDM album so i can send it off soon. It wasn't my intention to submit it but Jody is making me. :!

I have a few LO to do and i want to re do.

Check this out

This is Coby's first ever recognisable picture. I LOVE IT.
Coby is doing so well at kinder and it is such a relief. I have been missing out a bit on the drop off's and pick ups but as of next week i will be doing them on tuesday and friday YAY. I even signed up for my first kinder duty Friday 8th of March (someone please remind me)
Having some probs with my mum and my sister at the moment which is really tough. I feel like i am the enemy at the moment and without going into it i really believe that the honestly don't know who i am. But these things happen and i am so lucky to have friends to confide in (thanks jody) and even though i can be a bitch chris is awesome and put up with me. NOTE TO SELF...... Cut chris a but of slack.
Hopefully in the next few weeks i can reveal a new scrap website that jody and i are both INVOLVED in it should be exciting. No we haven't setup one ourselves even though we sometimes contemplate this thought.
I will post some EDM LO by the end of the week.
I can't wait to go out with the girls this's the western port festival and a bit of a tradition to get really drunk on the Friday night at the local pub and last year we snuck onto the inflatable slide :) what to do this year. If you haven't guessed i still enjoy the girls nights out at the pub, one thing i really look forward to. Coby is also excited about the carnival. Ill take him down on Saturday and to the fire works on sat night, and don't forget the walk for dylan on the kannanook track on Sunday see Jody's blog on the right hand side for more info.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Where have i where honestly!

well i am a bad blogger aren't i.

Just a quick post to share my recently published LO in Scrapbooking memories.This would have to be my most fave photo EVER. It's of my grandpa and i have no idea when it was taken.

Well new job.................................what can i say..................................looks like i will be resigning

Yes you heard me right. The quoted me the wrong hourly rate which is now a a $10 pay decrease from my last job and is very unrealistic for me at the moment. What will i do where will i go? Good question. Well after spending most of the weekend stressed out and in tears i have decided to just see what happens! For those of you that know me you would know that i really really like to be organised and know a week in advance at least when i am going so this amount of uncertainty is KILLING me. So i will probably return to Child Care either through the agency or a privately run centre? NOT ABC! Or maybe ever see if i could get my old job back as a sales consultant...who knows.

Well enough of that had a great evening at the beach with Jody and Jaymie the other week and thanks to 'Jody White Photography' I have some great pics to share and to scrap.

I had a great night scrappin at paper Doll on Friday night it was great to sit with a new group of people and chat. Feels a bit weird not doing it a CTYD but it will be great to go every once in a while. Been very busy working on my DT entries for paper doll and doing my best to finish my EDM lo's. Ill post some soon.

Thanks heaps for visiting my blog love getting your comments and just looking at everyone else's blog.