Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Horrible Horrible Accident. . . .

hay there everyone

sorry about the lack of posts and christmas wishes. I still have no Internet and my scrap room is only 1/2 unpacked :)

Well about this horrible horrible accident.

I went to the video shop on Thursday night and as i Left coby ran out the front door to tell me something. pippa followed him out and as coby was standing on the footpath calling her to come back she was hit by a 4wd which didn't even bother to stop.
Chris picked her up and after getting blood, poo and being bitten by her took her to the vet. She was in so much pain and obviously in shock but just appeared to have a broken leg. She was just sitting quietly until the vet tried to move her and she became all stressed and went to bite the vet nurse. We left shortly after to sit at home and wait for a call. I have never felt so horribly sick. The vet called and reassured us that she would be fine through the night and that they would do further tests in the morning after that had treated her for the initial shock.
That night was horrible and the next morning what no better as i sat and waited for a phone call. When the vet eventually rang he explained that there was a concern for her bladder and that further tests were needed to make sure that it was in tact. He also had a concern for her pelvis. She has a broken pelvis but it is on each side. So after discussing $ and giving him more permission to do more tests i hung up and had another melt down. If you had told me that i would be this effected by a 'dog' 2 years a go i would have argued black and blue that it is just a pet and that there is certainly a $ figure that was TOO much to spend on a 'dog'.
The vet called later and explained that he was sure that her bladder was fine besides a bit of clotting that will heal with time and that we will need to take her for surgery in Highett on Monday where she will spend a few nights to recover. He is confident that after the surgery she will recover well but wont run as fast or jump as high as she used to.
So after a call to the vet this morning to see how my girl was the vet explained that her urine had less blood and that they will remove the catheter today and continue to monitor her and give her IV fluids all weekend. He explained that she is a comfortable as she could be and that she will be right for surgery on Monday.
It has been horrible not having Pip following me around the house and constantly sitting on my lap but i know she will eventually be ok.
So the moral issue of the week is do you put $ before your pet? Is she just a Pet? and How much is too much to spend on your 'pet'? Also how would i explain it to coby when him being a 5yo boy already thinks pets are expendable ('when my fish dies can i get a Mexican walking fish')
People constantly splurge on luxuries like cars, computers, holidays, renovations, and also spend money on things like their children's braces, glasses and private school fees. It gets you thinking is this different? and how is this different? and is at a viable expense?
I'm truly interested in your opinion even though i have made my decision and that i am happy with it. What would you do?

Thanks for stopping by and please keep Pip in your thoughts.
have a safe new year and make sure you hug your pets daily

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

just a quick one. . .

hay there everyone just a quick post to let you know that im in the new house and almost settled. I have no internet as yet but will be online soon.

Habe a very merry christmas and i promise in my next post ill share some LO.

Before you go take a look here




Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Yes i survived the monthe of "mo"vember...only just. That thing above his lip was foul! :)

We were both surprised at how much of a mo he actually grew chris seemed pretty proud of himself he had never been able to grow that much facial hair before now.

We had a visitor on sunday.....

Chris' dog Degan came to visit us from chris' parents house. He is so big compared to pippa and he has been bought up to be inside atot of the time and that is the main reason he doesn't live at our house. He looks so big and strong but he is so dumb. He just looks at pip and doesn't know what to do with her. I has playing fetch withn pip and he had no idea what to do so he just kept bowling pip over. :)

Hope everyone is getting organised for christmas! Im nearly there!



Tuesday, December 4, 2007

365 day catch up

Some boxes have been packed!
Love KI Memories Laced Cradstock

here is a 365 day catch up post.
There will be nothing specific here just lots of my photos. I have missed some days unfortunately.
There should be 21 photos.

I hate weeding !!

Look at my new christmas decorations i made.

lots of ME heat shots.

I have been wearing my hair up lots! Easier with the new JOB!

I love my little mini socks

Well there you go they are totally in random order but they are mostly there.

Well not long to go before we move house we are pretty organised there are lots of boxes packed already.

I just can't wait to be in this house and setup fresh. I especially wanna setup my christmas tree and organise my scrap room from scratch.

ill post chris' MOVEMBER photos and some others tomorrow...i think this enough for tonight.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Check these out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deb form Debling in Design has asked me to create some LO for he to be sold as kits of for classes. The website is up and running have a look here and also here for upcoming classes and crops.

What do you think????????????????????
these Lo will be available as kits for a class (date to be scheduled soon) or if you busy simple just purchase the kit with instructions! Bot LO's are 81/2 by 11 inch but they can be easily converted to 12 by 12.

I have been busy lately with the new job and packing for our move but i am still taking my 365 day shots just not sharing them as much as i should be. I have also been busy creating LO for a design team application which i have had so much fun doing my scrapping MOJO is definitely here to stay. I will be so rapped if i get it. It is for a great Australian supplier who have awesome products that i have fell in love with.
I got my hands on the KI memories laced cardstock the other week and have used it twice already. LOVE IT!
Hopefully i can share more Lo's soon and some 365 day shots.

thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Life is good!

WOW i haven't felt this way for a while and i stress about putting this into writing because i don't wanna jinx myself.
I started a new job on Monday. I am now officially the Cook at coby's child care centre and it is great.
The hours are 8 to 2 everyday which will be great for next year when coby starts school because i will be able to pic him up every day.
The job can be a little frantic but I'm getting myself into a routine and i am really enjoying it. It is a great place to work and the other staff are great and my boss is awesome really understanding, family orientated and laid back. It hasn't really hit me yet that i have a stable income coming in now but in sure with the first pay cheque it will.
Coby loves me being at his creche and popped in to say hi a couple of times and also came in for an ice pack . . . . something to do with a fight over a truck! That's life!
I wasn't sure how coby would go with me being there but i explained to him that when he is at creche his teacher is the boss and he is so cool with it.

So yes life is good.

Coby had his first school orientation day last Friday and loved it. I finally think he is getting out of his whiny stage that he was going through....thank god for that!
Here is a photo he bought home from his first visit.
Don't ask me why he is at the back BEHIND all the others. I asked him why he was standing there and he said that is where the teacher told him to stand! Whatever!

Here are some photos for Owen's First birthday last Saturday. He is just so cute.
Bree was there with the twins and she is so amazing. I couldn't imagine breast feeding twins and looking after a 2yo as well. Here are a few shots of the twinnies. She looks amazing
India asleep
Lillie smiling
I got to have lots of hugs and i have to admit there might have been a slight cluck! :) But it went away within minutes.
Here is one of us girls, ronelle and nic in the ensuite and me taking a photo
this one of Bree and Nic and Kellie.
Coby spent almost the whole day in the pool at nic's house he was such a good boy and is such a great swimmer.
Also how cute is this
Bonkers (bianca) is 6 months pregnant. Love her little tummy.
Ill share this LO with you. I used the new Scenic Route Salem Papers.
Ill post the next chunk of my 365 day photos soon.
Thanks for visiting

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


YES i did it again left it 2 weeks to post my 365 day photos. I need to make sure i take my smaller camera with me more to get more photos that represent my daily activities.

wednesday 31st october
Yes i now have reading Glasses!
Thursday 1st November
I have so many of these chipboard strips they look so cool in this glass now all i need to do id use some of them!
Friday 2nd November
Hanging out with coby being silly.
Sauturday 3rd November What do i take? packing to go to jody's house for a crop.

Sunday 4th November
Spending too much time here again!

Monday 5th November
Ready for work!

Tuesday 6th November
Cup day chilling out before people arrive for our BBQ

Wednesday 7th November
Spending too much time on here too!
Thursday 8th November
Breakfast! I have to force myself to eat some mornings i hate having breakfast early.

Friday 9th November
With my groceries. I have been shopping at coles instead of aldi a bit and my purse is definitely noticing it!
Bailey slept over at our house. The boys needed a shower after an afternoon at the beach!
Saturday 10th November
Balnarring Races...will add photo

Sunday 11th November
New shoes for work! Testing them out before i actually wear them to work making sure they wont hurt me.
Kellie and i took the dogs to the beach today then spent the afternoon by nicola's pool what an awesome day!
Monday 12th November
Pippa stunk and she had all types of crazy beach stuff stuck to her dread locks on her legs. How funny does she look when she is wet. She is booked in to groomingdales on wednesday for a much needed hair cut.

Tuesday 13th November
I Mopped!

That's all ill post a lo tomorrow .


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Some announcements

Hay there everyone

I have a few things to share on my blog.

First an exciting announcement.

I have been given the opportunity by the lovely Rajini Nolan to be a designer for her online store.

Maya Memories online Store

It is exciting to be involved in another fresh new online store, go check it out.


And another announcement just as exciting,

Debling in design online store

Check it out here. It is still in the very early stages with stock being added so sign up for updates.

Deb has a great range of products and the best thing is there are new products arriving almost daily. Deb holds classes and crops and will be running scrapbooking weekends away.


And how exciting is this!

Congratulations Jody Im so excited for you!

So did anyone back a winner in the cup yesterday?

Im sorry to say that chris and i had no luck. We decided to have a little BBQ which was great to just sit back and relax with friends.

I had a lovely day with Ruey on friday. It was great to sit and have a chat. Ruey did my nails which looked awesome but im sad to say ther they don't look that good ATM. I am shocking at having polish on my nails i tend to pick at it once it starts chipping.

I had a great day at jody's house on saturday. Jody held a 10 to 10 (4am) crop at her house which saw us drink approx 10 bottles of wine and eat way too much but it was all really yummy. We spent 1/3 of the time eating 1/3 of the time chatting and the other 1/3 scrapping. Can't wait for the next one.

untill next post