Sunday, July 29, 2007

just a couple of layouts to share!

here is a Lo i did for nicola of little O he is sooo cute.
hay there everyone. hope you all had a great weekend. Mine has been nicely busy.
saturday i had to go into frankston and had to do a few things and then i popped into see wendy at paperdoll then i went to see the new arty pants store in cranbourne and popped into connie. the shop is looking awesome. Then i came home and waited for coby to come home. he had been rollerskating with this granddad and i getting very good at it apparently. then i had to take coby to my mum's house because they had arranged for coby to stay there.

Coby is a very busy boy at the moment he has not had a Saturday night at home since two weeks before the last public holiday which was in may! between spending every second saturday nigh with his dad then every other saturday with his granddad i usually get to spend every second sunday with him. he is really enjoying spending time with his granddad and also his dad which makes things easier. So having every sat night to myself is usually pretty good but chris and i run out of things to do and $ so we usually just see a movie or hand out at home which is great. im pretty lucky i have to admit.

Last nigh chris and i caught up with a few of chris' mated in patterson lakes at the cove. We had intended to just have a bar meal and a few drinks but ended up really drunk which was fun. chris and i don't usually go out and drink together that often as he really annoys me when he is drinking and we usually end up having an argument so i just find it easier to stay away form the situation! but we had a ball. chris was going to drive so i was drinking then he got talked into having a few drinks, so by that time i was drunk enough for him not to annoy me. . . . yes i was the annoying one. My voice tends to go a but high when i drink.

so the night was really good and if felt good making a spontaneous decision. My cousin came and picked us up at 12 and then i came home and went to bed but i obviously wasn't ready to go to bed because i ended up spinning and having to do a bolt to the toilet :( so today i have felt very ordinary and had to pull myself out of bed because chris and i had promised to take coby to see the simpsons movie, it was really good and coby enjoyed it too :).

ok here are the lo i said i would share. the first one is with the love elsie riley papers. im having lots of fun with the elsie papers atm.

this lo is also elsie papers. this is a group shot of us girls last year on out annual girls footy trip.guess who turned one last sunday?

happy birthday pippa girl

she wasn't too happy about wearing the birthday hat i made her. I have never been a dog person but i love her so much. it is so great to see her when i come through the door every day she is so sweet and such a lap dog all she ever wants is to sit and have a hug. Do you like her jumper.

Friday, July 27, 2007

9 days of 365 day photo's...yes im slack i know!

Ok here are my photos starting last thursday, here is pip and i. she's such a nice girl.

Ok here is fridays.....dressing up. this is coby's taco bill hat
saturday i bought a new beanie, perfect for my bad hair days.
:( had drinks with mel, she left for grease (S?) on tuesday and has arrived safe. she is so ace.
Ok tilt your head for this one. shadow.and you have all seen this with the Love elsie Riley products.
wednesday. . . . . Yes it's the back of my headOk tilt again . . . . . . this is pip and i sitting on my couch with my pyjamas on waiting for lost t start. . . . it was awesome!
and todays friday i love my mobile.
Ok i have been busy scrappig so ill post some lo tomorrow be sure to stop by.

Monday, July 23, 2007

look at this.............................

Love Elsie Riley

Oh yes i have it in my hot little hand!

I ordered it on friday at 330pm and it arrived today TUESDAY!

the above photo will definately be my 365 day photo for today.

so there you go drool away i know jody and i am!

Fireside crafts KIT 3!

here are 2 of my Lo i have done for the fireside crafts 3rd kit.

It is such a great kit to work with the first Lo only took me an hour to do and the other would have been just a quick if i wasn't at a crop and chatting and drinking wine as much as i was :)

There will be another Lo to come using the dream street papers.

So go have a look at Fireside crafts and ignite your creativity.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

the things they say!***LONG POST***

Coby has been coming out with the funniest things lately but i always forget to post them.

I always stress to coby about various safety issues. There was a stage there where coby was going out the front of the house on his own so he could climb the tree on the neighbours nature strip. This wouldn't be a huge deal to some of you but we live in an 'undesirable' area and i would prefer coby to spend his time outdoors in the back yard. So coby and i had the discussion about strangers and how we never know who the friendly people are and who the nasty people are and that grownups have had lots of practice telling the difference so they need to be with you to look after you. We also spoke about how some dogs might be mean and also that some silly people drive fast and unsafe so we need to stay away from the road unless you are holding a grownups hand.

Well we were pulling out of our street on tuesday afternoon ad there was a young girl who looked to be about 10 was walking to school. Coby shouted form the back seat 'Look mummy that girl has no mum that's not safe'. so i just used the opportunity to talk about the safety again and that was that. Then we were in bakers delight on wednesday afternoon and there was a girl about 12 in the shop on her own and coby once again was mortified, 'that girl has no mum mummy' the young girl and the shop attendant had a bit of a laugh and then we were on our way.
Coby is also very quick to address people who don't have helmets when riding their bike, people who speak any other language than english which he very embarrassingly imitates and this is usually in very public places (public transport was the last occasion) and also big dogs. 'wow mummy that dog will do really big poo's'.

I have also been trying to explain the difference between crying and whinging. We were in the supermarket and there was a toddler clearly tired and upset but not misbehaving. Coby shouted 'mum that boy is being naughty hes winging and santa doesn't like wingers'. the hole santa doesn't like wingers was my attempt at getting coby to ask nicely for things and not constantly wine around christmas time last year. i swear he uses everything against me.

He has also just worked out swearing and the way we got around this one was to talk about the difference between grown up words and every other word. My sister explained that 'when he has boobs like her he could say grownup words' !!!!!!!!!! I just told him that when he can drive he can say whatever he likes. This also applies to cans on V (yest the energy drink his grandad bought for him 3 weeks ago:( ) and beer and wine! he seems to be grasping the concept pretty well.
sorry guys i hope im not boring you.

Mich tagged me for 7 random facts about me so here goes...

1) I am always cold so im am not coping at all with this weather. Coby was born cold....he needed to have a heater above his little bed after he was born hope he is not like me.

2)The only place out of victoria i have been is tasmania for 5 days on school camp in year 10.pretty sad i know!

3)I lived 5 houses down the road from chris without knowing he existed for 7 years.

4)I didn't get my licence until i was almost 22. I was in a serious accident when i was 16 and it made me very nervous passenger. i am more comfortable driving than being a passenger. Maybe the next random fact has a bit to do with this too!

5)I don't like to try new things. As a child i was never really encouraged to try new activities so this is something i rarely do, i am almost always in my comfort zone.

6)Coby's dad and i were never really together we were mates who slept together for 3 years then coby came along. although i was far from promiscuous i was asked to have a DNA test when coby was 3 days old, which turns out to the the best $800 anyone could have ever spent.

7)At the moment i am very unhappy with where my career/working life is headed, i don't feel challenged and i don't feel i am making a difference.

So there you go.

i tag



*deb and sally

*kristy doble

i think everyone else has done it!

im struggling with my 365 day photo challenge a little, im still enjoying it but need ideas. Here are monday, tuesday, wednesdays and thursdays photos (i must go back and count what number day i am up to.

mondays photo....i remembered just before bed so this was the best anyone was gunna get!:)

Tuesdays photo was a mission. i was in a real shitty mood so after trying to get a half decent photo of myself i eventually gave up. hense the hand over the face.
wednesdays photo is with my warm jacket on. the cold weather really gets to me. see my random facts listed below.

here is todays photo pippa wasn't totaly enthusiastic about posing for the camera.(all the above photos were taken in my kitchen which is funny because i started taking the photos in my scrap room when the challenge begun.

well i have been scrapping today i did a Lo with my new fireside crafts kit in an hour that is awesome for me. this kit has to be by far the best kit yet great for scrapping those summer photos we all still have lying around. The thing that is different about the fireside crafts kits are they never contain all pink products which unfortunately most of the kit company's do. so for all of you out there interested in purchasing a kit that isn't all PINK then be sure to keep posted for when the kit is published.

ok sorry about the extra long post.


don't forget to leave comments.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

girls night out.

here is fridays photo. i have always driven one handed mum hates it but it's just the way i drive.

On saturday wedecided to pick up chris' dog from his mum and dad's house so he could come and have a play with pippa.

So here is pippa looking up at the camera she is just so sweet. she loved playing with deegan who is about 4 times the size of her and 4 times as dumb. He got a little bit annoyed when we would sniff her and there were a couple of times that he got over excited and stood on her. Degan also cocked his leg on me when i was trying to get some photo's of pip until chris yelled and he quickly put his leg down......lucky. pretty funny though.
i have to admit degan is easier to take photo's of than pip is.

The girls night out so saturday night went really well. here is me with mel who is going to greese for well, we don't exactly know, she has a one way ticket and doesn't plan to be home for a few years. This is me with mel and this is my saturday photo. I was a bit drunk!
The night was awesome with everyone attending. We went to taco bills for dinner and many many drinks and then to the bay in mornington and then to the cruze club in mornington which i have a very vague recollection of. :) We left at about 1:30 because (quoting sarah and nic) "we were the oldest chicks in the joint!"

Ok here is a group shot of us girls

starting from the back from left to right kellie, me, danielle, mel, nic (front)sarah, ronelle and michelle. We all went to school together from year seven besides kellie who came at year 12 and fitted in because we all were in love at some point with her brother and michelle who is ronelles little sister. It was such a good night what i remember anyway. Sunday morning was a different story, woke up feeling crap so chris took coby to do work stuff and i slept till 1:30. HE IS THE BEST.

Here is sunday's photo, i was feeling better by the afternoon.

It was chris' birthday on monday the big 25 so we celebrated with some ice cream cake and taco's for tea. a nice quiet night.

Well i better go Chris just arrived home and he is taking me out to a secret location for dinner. I hate secrets but im coping knowing there will be some yummy food at the end.
ill post some more 365 day photo's tomorrow.

also on an exciting note jody and i went and picked up our new fireside crafts kits today so i will be 'igniting my creativity' all weekend.
just to tease you there is lots of lil davis, some heidi, some dream street papers, some scenic route , some scrap fx, some jenny bowlin and some we r memory keepers. Stay tuned or follow the link in the side bar as im sure the kit will be posted soon.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

365 day photo's

Do you like my tea cup.
It looks awesome on my desk and holds all of my most recently purchased supplies.
My sister bought it for me for my birthday.
i also covered my craft wood draws the other night and im happy with tha paper i chose. they go with the green and pink theme of the room i just need to give the ourside a coat of paint.

I am in the middle of going through my scrap room and sorting it out, re-organising and kulling a lot of supplies that i have been hanging onto.

Here are some of my latest photo's.

This is my mum and i a pretty rare photo because my mum never volunteers for a photo.
I love hanging out with my mum we plan to do nothing usually go for a quick shopping trip and shop for the best part of the day and then we are totally exhausted by the end of the day.
Its so great that she is well now. She is trying to grow her hair back to the length it was. i like it short it was even better when it was really short, when she was having chemo and had no hair she looked so cool with the most perfect shaped head ever.

And this blurry one. This was me with (left to right) Nicola, Sarah, ronelle and Kellie. Bianca was taking the photo.

There are better ones but they are on ronelle camera so i will change the pic soon. sorry for the bad shot kellie.:)

and today's shot is of the earings kellie bought me for my birthday which she has kindly offered to wear out for me when w go out on Saturday night.

it was great to catch up with the girls last night it has to be one of my favorite things to do.

i took my nephew Matty to the movies to see transformers today and i think i enjoyed it more than him. IT WAS AWESOME. the special effects were amazing and the story lines were great. The transformers looked so great that you forgot they were computer animated. It is definitely one worth seeing on the BIG screen.

Who would have thought that these campaigns really work.
Coby was talking to me last night about having mashed potato balls and and you have to put it on your fingers and move them then you flick it up into the air and catch it in your mouth.
KFC mashies! it was so cute so tonight i let him try some. We got to mum's house and he kept trying to balance the mashie on his fingers and flick it into his tub of gravy. It was so funny to watch.

Coby is really missing chris he asks every night when will he be home and is so disappointed when i say not tonight. the consolation (s?) is that his job is to keep me warm in my bed untill chris comes home and it is so cool having him sleep one side and pippa the other side they both snuggle right in and keep me warm. i also have my stand in water bottle:) that does a good job too just need it to vacuum, do the dishes and put the washing away and i will be right :) chris might have to go back to bulla next week but at the moment im fine with it all might have something to do with the weekend away Chris' boss is paying for for the 3 of us.

thanks everyone for the birthday wishes i had a great day.
Im loving all of my special blog friends out there. you all know who you are:)
untill next time

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy birthday to ME!

hay there it's my birthday and guess what i am doing it's 5:30 pm and i am drinking wine in front of the laptop and i love it. Coby is at his dad's house and im waiting to be picked up for dinner with the girls YAY.

<<<<<<<<>I have had a great day coby has had my pressies hidden since monday night and didn't even spoil the surprise. I got 2 pandora beads from chris and coby ,(a giraffe and my birth symbol) and 3 off my mum (2 small spacers and a pink CZ bead) LOVE LOVE pandora.

I also kept coby home from creche today because he was so excited and went and had lunch with nicola and little owen at the grand hotel in mornington, it was so nice.

I also saw connie, katie and deb fuller in mornington which was nice to say hi.

here are my photos from this week,
sat (chris asleep and me pretending)

sun (me with scraf weird 'head')

monday (sunnies)

You know what you need to do Christie? Totally indulge in all of your favourite things ... take out, girlie movies, apple pie and ice cream for dinner, sleeping with the dog and buy yourself a special treat for your birthday. Well, that's what I would do!Cheer up and have a happy day tomorrow.Cheers,Pip
thanks for the advice pip

i have eaten out for tea, eaten better than apple pie....mum home made pizza, slept with the dog, lots of re runs of greys anatomy and you forgot to add wine. so yes pip your advice was great thanks babe. ill make you a little owl and send it your way just need your postal details.
i also have a LO to share. it is of my 5yo nephew bailey he had a ball with mum's camera one night and i couldn't resist scraping the photos.thanks to everyone for you kind comments about chris' absence. im doing ok, especially knowing it will be all over soon. the comments were much appreciated.thanks for hanging out with me
love christie

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


what is your all time favorite is mine! enjoy

Friday, July 6, 2007

This was coby on friday afternoon after leaving Ikea. No it wasn't my shopping that wore him out it was going to see 'Finding Nemo On Ice'.We had a ball.I just love taking him to these shows and just out to no where in particular.

He is just so well behaved when it is one on one and never really misbehaves or cracks the sh*#s when i won't buy him another truck to add to his collection of 100.000 already 'parked' on my lounge room floor. He thoroughly enjoyed the show and it was very entertaining and included almost all of the scenes form the movie. The way they transformed the arena from the ocean to the fish tank was also very clever. I would highly recommend seeing it to anyone.

After the show we popped into ikea quickly to grab a globe for the lamp i bought coby 6 months ago because i didn't get one when i originally bought it...sigh. On the way home coby looked so tired and the traffic was horrendous because of the rain so i turned to him and said, 'you can close your eyes and have a sleep if you like mate' and he replied 'OK mummy' and with that he was out like a light untill we got home and parked the car in the drive way.
He is just over needing his lunchtime sleeps on alternative days but he still has one after we go on long drives or do anything that burns out all of his energy.
Ok here are Thursday's and Friday's photos.

Coby actually co-operated when posing for the Thursday night which was good for a photo opportunity. the below photo was taken when i was driving home from the city yesterday. I had just spoken to Chris who was in Mount Bulla and he informed me that he has to go back again on Tuesday because they just couldn't get the job finished. :) Yes i am crying.
Chris has been away every second week for about 2 months now and i am really ready to have him home with me. Im missing him sooo much that it really has ruined this weekend together because i know after we go to bed Monday night i won't see him again till next Friday and that he won't be home to celebrate my birthday with me on Wednesday. His boss actually called me yesterday morning and apologised and explained that chris is the only one who knows the job and that his hands are tied. which i totally understand. He also explained to me that chris has been nominated 'Employee of the month' and for this occasion and also because it is his birthday on the 16th, he wants me to organise a night away for the 2 of us and that he will pay for it.
It was a lovely gesture and i truly appreciate it but i would prefer to have him home.

So saturday chris worked in the city and when he came home we went out for 4 and to see 'knocked up' it was such a great well balanced movie it had really funny parts and aslo some moderately serious parts. after the movie chris and i went and had a coupe of drinks at a friends house then came home to bed, chris is still not 100% after his cold last week and still really tired. We had a small sleep in this morning because coby is at his dads house and won 't be home untill about 5.3opm. it has been great to have that time together.

I'm trying to be really positive at the moment but it doesn't help that i am over emotional.

Thanks for popping by and don't forget to leave a comment. And just to flush out all of those blog stalkers i will randomly choose a comment and send an Owl to that person. The winner will be chosen on Tuesday night.

Have a great weekend

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tenacious D Trailer

love love love this movie epecially this part. Jack black is so funny especially his facial expressions. When chris and i saw this movie at the cinema i think my laughing was annoying everyone.
OK WARNING........there is some swearing in this a few 'f's and a c@#k (the word) but if you love jack black and his humor and his songs you will love this. Hope no one is slightly offended.....i did warn you. ENJOY

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

a bird in the hand...............

Is worth 2 in the bush. :)
Well today i didn't have any work so i sat by the heater and played with my felt.

I really enjoyed making them and they took approx 25 mins each perfect thing to do when watching TV.

Here is yesterdays photo............
Don't ask..........I'm running out of ideas and my makeup was all washed off when i remembered.

Today's photo will be the 'Bird in the hand.


I really enjoyed creating this LO and can you see i used my DAY 2 photo for the LO. Inspired already lol.

The topic of getting married is one that Chris and i are finding ourselves talking about more often at the moment so this Lo is based on the fact that my diamond will be on my finger 'one day' and that it is more a matter of when than if. It was so easy to scrap with the Love Elsie papers and for the whole Lo i didn't measure of rule a thing all cut by eye this is the way i like to scrap at the moment. Freestyle. well my version of freestyle anyway. I also hand drew the title with a permanent marker onto PP and then cut around it. Pretty good for someone who never hand journals.

Well that's all for today

BYE christie

oh the youtube clip i posted hasn't worked so ill edit is and put a link there instead for anyone who is interested.I DO LOVE JACK BLACK.

Monday, July 2, 2007

More photos..............

Here are my photos from the weekend.
the first one (Wednesday)is of Chris and i. He took some convincing to pose for me but in the end he new what was best...............just pose so i stop nagging him.

the next (Friday)shot is of one of my favourite things Peach wine in my pink wine glass.YUM
And this one (Saturday) my Pandora bracelet i just love it is has charms that you select that just slide on it s just soo sweet.

this shot (Sunday) coby took of me in the kitchen.

And today's shot (Monday) is of me in my rear view mirror sitting in my car.

Chris is away untill Friday night which is crap i miss him already. I'm sure i will be fine.
I left him a little love note in his shoe in his bag and he must have just found it and messaged me. He is such an awesome person i am so lucky to have him.

I have some Lo to share but i was just looking at one where i have created a felt (owl so cute) but i wanna change it a bit before i share it. I have also been playing with the Love Elsie papers and i am so inspired. hopefully ill share the lo tomorrow if i finish it tonight.I have crap lighting in my scrap room.

have you all had a look at blog things? here are some really cool quiz's that you can put o your blog. I took the what kind of sandwich are you quiz and it turns out that i am a ham sandwich. I also did the test on Chris to find out the name for a special part of his body..............He will now be referred to as The BIG Legowsky :)

And with that ill leave you all.