Friday, March 30, 2007

EDM Seasons

Here are my EDM Seasons LO's.

I wanted to use the Rubbons differently and use them as a focal point on my LO

I love this summer LO.

It's definitely my style at the moment, simple with some embellishments and minimal journelling and one lge pic and some smaller ones.

This is my last seasons LO. Winter moments! I love the photo of my daisies, i wanted the LO to have a winter feel but incorporate the colours from the photo, the scenic route paper was perfect. I'm still a little unsure about this LO compared to the others it's a little plain.

i'm home alone now till tuesday night! Chris left for mount bulla at 330am this morning. it's so much harder getting over a hangover without him there to look after me. :( Im a sook i know. I didn't get to say goodbye either because i got home at 4 and he had already left. I think i could be in the bad books for that :).

I went out last night with 4 of chris' mates and had a ball they were all so sweet looking after me, getting me drinks and dancing with me. I had a great night till i woke up this morning and couldn't stop vomiting....'is it really worth it?' i kept saying to myself as i was moaning in bed. I need to remember not to mix my drinks and that extra large fish bowl margaritas from Taco bills sound like a good idea but they probably aren't!

well thanks for visiting ill post more EDM LO soon.


Friday, March 23, 2007

EDM- snap shots

This is the first of the snap shot's LO from the 2nd month of the EDM comp.

I love this lo. I used the iron on's on the 'FUN' title.

These photo's were perfect they were taken in a photo Booth at a night club for my 25th birthday.....definitely a FUN moment.

This photo is a 'snap shot' of my car filled with my scrapping supplies before going to a crop. I should have done some journelling on it. I used the fiscars eyelet setters to create the holes/swirls it was fun and noisy, especially at 1:30 at night

I just adore this photo of coby and his creche friend erin it is so sweet.
Im happy with how the flowers punched from vellum turned out but im a little unhappy with the whole LO, prob would do it again if i had time.
Keep a eye on this web site It will feature monthly kits and some extra items to purchase. Jody and i will be on the DT for Pauline who is madly getting the products together and waiting for shipments. can't wait till it is all up and running...another challenge.
i am loving my last 2 days off...madly watching Greys anatomy season 3 (thanks Ruey) i had to go and buy a new DVD player so i could watch it but thats ok....I am so addicted 5 more episodes to go then what...a long wait till they are on aussie TV or more emails hastling ruey to send them to me. :) Im over this muggy weather... bring on the cool change. Hopefully the weather will be ok tomorrow so i can take coby to the Redhill show, i love taking coby to things like that he gets so much joy out of the simple things.
10 more days till we go to the walking with dinosaurs show it's going to be sooo awesome.
have an awesome weekend
thanks for having a look

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Every day Moment Comp

Wow it is such a relief to have done my EDM layouts, now i just have to finish scanning them all and hopefully send it on Friday...I'm a bit apprehensive about sending it what if something happens.

Over the next few days i will endeavour to post all of the LO i have done.

Here are the Family LO,
This is the Lo that you had to use the Junkits embellishments, i still love this LO. It's of my 2 nephews Bailey (left) and Matty (right) and of course Coby in the middle.

I actually have re-done this LO. I had coloured in a heidi swapp mask with coloured pencils and that was to the right of the photo and i really wasn't happy with it so i added the chip letters and the heard and the arrows. Still not in love with the layout but it achieves the purpose.

I am still very much in love with this LO. I just love the papers the photo and the scallops, the doodling, the hole punching...well all of it.:)I have previously posted this LO but want to show everyone my EDM LO in order.

Still working at the PUB but i am really enjoying it i have had one day off since last Tuesday I'm so exhausted, does that make me forgiven for being a really slack blogger. :) Still going to work for the agency will probably start next week, i have just decided that this year will be a messy year in terms of employment and i am going to roll with it. It has been a bit stressful $ wise but bills are paid and that's the main thing. We have our health...isn't that what they say! Despite all of that i am really happy and dying to scrap....come on JODY when will it be?

Keep your eyes on this blog for all of my other EDM lo.
bye for now

Monday, March 5, 2007

Soo Jealous

Well that's how im feeling at the moment......i so wish that i had organised to attend the scrapanalea retreat just reading Michelle, Ruey's and Katies blogs makes it sound like such an awesome weekend Jody and i chatted today and we are looking into attending one soon.....any suggestions?
I was playing around with my camera on saturday morning and trying to get a good shot of myself to do for a LO i'm desperate to use the new BG Phoebe collection and have a great idea in mind and i figured i need to scrap more girly pages and pages of myself.
Here it is,
There are a couple of other ones but i think one is enough.:)
I also scrapped 2 Lo on the weekend which is rare for me.
I started my 2nd last EDM lo and then put it to the side and grabbed another Photo of baby O he is so cute, i really need a few updated pic's of him. Im happy with this LO it's very simple but it is exactly what i wanted to achieve with the photo.

Then i finished the EDM LO on saturday.
I'm so happy with it but i am running out of 'moment' titles.:) It's for the My life month...i know i was a bit behind with this month just one more creativity/hobbies LO to do and an album to decorate and i'm done! YAY

It's a pretty poor scan but it will do! (just viewed it on my blog it's a really poor scan....i will try again tomorrow)

I am totally inspired at the moment heaps that i wanna scrap. I even have my last EDM LO sitting in front of me waiting to be finished. . .just to journal than posted.........what a relief EDM OVER. Well just the album to cover.

Thanks for stopping by.

BTW.... sorry if my blog sounds a bit funny i started it in tuesday night and finished it tonight.