Saturday, May 26, 2007

I am Beautiful!

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My tissue Box, My Boy, My Health, My published LO

This is the craft wood tissue box that i altered for a DT challenge.
I used jody's camera to take photos, and i have to admit i am in LOVE with it. I will be gettinbg one afer tax time this year definately!

I also took this photo of coby with jody's camera as well i am so in love with it. there are about 20 others of him posing but this is my favourite. I just got the new Junkitz extreme boy papers from blue bazaar and will definately use these they have cool stars and skulls and thave red and black in them. The transperancy ribbonz are awesome.great for all of us out there with no girls to scrap.

Well the salmonella has gotten better i have been taking the inner health plus tablets hopefully they will boost my immune system. Speaking of my immune system i now have a urine infection which is hurting me, im not going to the toilet that often now. I had 4 days work last week and kept putting off going to the doctors...(because i needed to work and work was 9 to 5 and 30 minutes from home).So all thursday night i had the worst pain in my kidneys and it hasn't stopped even now that i have antibiotics. When it rains it pours!

thanks for stopping by ill leave you with my recently published Lo from scrapbooking memories.............they called me ChristiNe haywoood, which is a pet hate of mine!
the scan of the Lo is so poor and i hate to say it the whole magazing layout and scans are poor. They really need to step it out to be on the same level as scrapbook creations and for keeps. It's great to be published don't get me wrong but they just don't do any of the Lo's any justice with the poor photography and small pictures.
Sorry bout the winge.

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christie NOT christiNe

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

News from the doctor!

well after being unwell for a week last week i went to my GP and he suggested because the diarrhoea hadn't stopped that they take a sample for testing. I hadn't heard back so i suspected that the results were fine and there was no need for my GP to get back in contact...well i was wrong!

Well this is what i suspect the results might have looked like.


My GP also explained to me that the health department may be in contact with me because all cases of salmonella have to be reported and then they follow this up to obtain some sort of information about where i may have contracted it from. YUCK

So at least i know now what made me sick and do you know what after 2 weeks i still get stomach cramps daily and my bowels aren't 'regular' as far as consistency goes. (tried to put it the in the least gross way i could )

No Lo to share today I'm a little stuck with some DT LO at the moment and have been madly blogging for some inspiration.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007


Hello there everyone i hope you all had an amazing mothers day. Mine was very relaxed and low key. Chris took me out for lunch which was lovely. Coby was at his dad's house and went out for lunch with his nan . Then in the evening we just had a quiet night it was lovely.

i have been meaning to post these LO for a while now. the first one was done at a crop with Jody, Ruey, Michelle and vita. I'm into fairly streamline LO at the moment and not many embellishments. I feel like I'm in a scrapping rut as far as embellishing goes. I was inspired to stamp on this LO after seeing the girls madly stamping at the crop. I'm Happy with how this LO has turned out.

This next LO has to be my very favourite at the moment. I did it at the crop fr kids day and it has been sitting in my lounge ever since, i love the photo and the simplicity of the Lo and title. The scalloped circle is actually 'off the page' you can see it slightly in the scan. I was intending to trim it but i was happy to have it coming off the page a little. I also love randomly hole punching at the moment with my small and tiny hand held hole punches. The circles are also a new fad of mine at the moment the are cut free hand, yes Terry would be proud i am happy to say i am no longer an 'anal' scrapper. :)

The journalling reads

'Chris and Coby have such a unique relationship, they are like best mates. Chris is so wonderful with Coby and he is such an important part of Coby's life'.

the photo was taken at the Melbourne Zoo on Coby's 4th birthday.

Coby loves Chris so much to the point where on the mug he painted on for my kinder mothers day present he drew a picture of myself, himself and Chris and a sun. NOT HIS DAD!

Things are difficult again with Coby's dad he is constantly lying to me about having Coby or more so not having Coby! Things like saying he has to play footy but instead had a big night out and was too hungover to have Coby. This weeks lie was that he had to work all day Saturday and he was actually playing footy. It is really disappointing because Coby is beginning to enjoy spending time with his dad again, but on Saturday he had to play with his nan whilst his dad was at the footy. I is so exhausting Coby's dad's mates are all losers and once i thought the his dad was a sensible 'good' guy but now WELL......drinking, mates ad footy come first.

I never wanted to be the mother that keeps the child from the father, but i am so riddled with stress when ever Coby is with his dad that i end up driving past to make sure there aren't heaps of people at his dad's house and not wanting to enjoy my time out because i am constantly worrying about Coby being safe. What's worse we have the same problem on a monthly basis.

Yes Cobys dad having him every wednesday night and every second Saturday does give Chris and i a chance to spend time together but it really isn't worth the stress. I don't even really care about loosing the child support because $50 a week is helpful but doesn't really make a whole lot of difference expense wise.


Well enough of that. I picked up my 2nd kit from fireside crafts on Saturday and it's choc full of papers and embellishments. Pauline who owns the business is running a comp for everyone who purchases a kit and creates a LO using the materials provided. If your LO is selected you win either the next kit or a $20 shopping voucher for the online store. Check out the great range of products she has, i grabbed the quickkutz quick stik which is great for picking up diamontes and other embellishments.

Here is a photo of the first kit titled the first fire.
Pauline also has a great range of complete paper packs and awesome embellishments. Check out the we are memory keepers papers they are fantastic.

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Friday, May 4, 2007

Thank you ladies

Thank you so much for the comments ladies. I love receiving them and vow now to leave more comments on other peoples blog because if a comment from me can make others happy well it's an easy good deed for my day.......i don't think i have shared my good deed philosophy.

I try to do one a day, very minor things like getting something for someone a little more busy than you or letting someone clearly struggling in front of you in a que. It's just something i do.:)

A Big HELLOto my Aunty Annie who lives in Arkansas i never realised how much you read my blog and I'm excited by it. Keep leaving comments please.

So today as i messaged to Jody i stepped back over to the dark side. I went to a scrap booking shop that i don't like to go to( for very good moral reasons too complex to blog). I spent to much money but brought some awesome papers and some more Heidi chip letters and scenic route chip letters...all ready to scrap tomorrow with the girls.....can't wait.

I'm feeling better but still not eating a real lot and it doesn't stay in my system for too long if you know what i mean. :(

Coby's grandad has taken him to the circus today which will be great for him. I have this long running line with Coby and my nephews that when they ask me where someone is i say 'they have run away to join the circus' so now coby will have a visual for what i am talking about. I also have a few other lines that i will share now that i am on the topic. If they ask me what i am doing i usually say ' Baking a cake' and if they ask what something is and it is really obvious i say that it's a hamburger'. It's just a little bit of fun and even more cute when they begin to use the lines as well.

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Thought i would add a photo my post looked boring. Remember little screaming Baby O. See maybe october/november post! How cute is he. I think that Nicola his mum is a water saver judging by his bath. :)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

How much is too much?


Here is a LO i did for the how much is too much blog (see link in the side bar).

You had to rip or cut at least 50 pieces of paper.

I just love this photo of Bailey, coby and matty it was taken at Taco bills for coby's 4th birthday. See his 'Virgin fishbowl margarita' on the table, if only i could be like him and have the non alcoholic ones:)

I had a ball creating this page and i just love scenic route papers they have to be the first stack of papers that i look to when i am in a scrapping 'rut'.

I have been sick for the past 3 days, gastro! YUCK

I can't remember the last time that i have had it. Even working in child care with all of the germs i never once got it... iron gut? Well the past few days have been horrible i even had to call 'nurse on call' for advice as i was passing blood (too much info?)but went to the GP today and gave me magic tablets and from about 6 tonight i have felt much better i forced myself to have toast today which is the first thing i have eaten since monday night. I am so sick of sitting on the couch and watching TV. So as soon as i began to feel better i got stuck into the 4 baskets of washing that needed to be folded and cooked t for chris and coby.

I desperately need some scrap therapy and i am so looking forward to scrapping with ruey, jody, michelle and co. on sunday.

I really got alot out of my Thursday scrapping sessions at crop till ya drop and now i feel a bit lost. It is such good therapy sitting scrapping with a group of women with different life experience and stories. I really am missing Terry as well she definitely filled a void that needed to be filled and without her well to be honest.....i'm struggling. She is such a kind non judgemental person who can listen without judging and who can be positive and honest all at the same time. I have only spoke to her once since she has left....bad i know. But i think it is because i need her more that she knows and that i don't want to bother her with my troubles on the telephone. WOW im getting a bit deep maybe too deep for my blog. :(

Off to bed i think thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment i have had lots of people viewing my blog but no comments left. I really like to know who reads my blog.