Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tenacious D Trailer

love love love this movie epecially this part. Jack black is so funny especially his facial expressions. When chris and i saw this movie at the cinema i think my laughing was annoying everyone.
OK WARNING........there is some swearing in this a few 'f's and a c@#k (the word) but if you love jack black and his humor and his songs you will love this. Hope no one is slightly offended.....i did warn you. ENJOY

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scrapwitch said...

i cant take footloose,but jack and kyle are for me~so glad he didnt quit the band~lol
had to comment ..paul and i love tenacious D.and we both had a huge laugh over this glad to see it on your doing the photo challenge and was browsing thru pip's list...
i share your sense of humour and i love of the D..i have them on link on my for you to leave me a post..and maybe tell me how to upload a u-tube to my blog ..