Thursday, July 19, 2007

the things they say!***LONG POST***

Coby has been coming out with the funniest things lately but i always forget to post them.

I always stress to coby about various safety issues. There was a stage there where coby was going out the front of the house on his own so he could climb the tree on the neighbours nature strip. This wouldn't be a huge deal to some of you but we live in an 'undesirable' area and i would prefer coby to spend his time outdoors in the back yard. So coby and i had the discussion about strangers and how we never know who the friendly people are and who the nasty people are and that grownups have had lots of practice telling the difference so they need to be with you to look after you. We also spoke about how some dogs might be mean and also that some silly people drive fast and unsafe so we need to stay away from the road unless you are holding a grownups hand.

Well we were pulling out of our street on tuesday afternoon ad there was a young girl who looked to be about 10 was walking to school. Coby shouted form the back seat 'Look mummy that girl has no mum that's not safe'. so i just used the opportunity to talk about the safety again and that was that. Then we were in bakers delight on wednesday afternoon and there was a girl about 12 in the shop on her own and coby once again was mortified, 'that girl has no mum mummy' the young girl and the shop attendant had a bit of a laugh and then we were on our way.
Coby is also very quick to address people who don't have helmets when riding their bike, people who speak any other language than english which he very embarrassingly imitates and this is usually in very public places (public transport was the last occasion) and also big dogs. 'wow mummy that dog will do really big poo's'.

I have also been trying to explain the difference between crying and whinging. We were in the supermarket and there was a toddler clearly tired and upset but not misbehaving. Coby shouted 'mum that boy is being naughty hes winging and santa doesn't like wingers'. the hole santa doesn't like wingers was my attempt at getting coby to ask nicely for things and not constantly wine around christmas time last year. i swear he uses everything against me.

He has also just worked out swearing and the way we got around this one was to talk about the difference between grown up words and every other word. My sister explained that 'when he has boobs like her he could say grownup words' !!!!!!!!!! I just told him that when he can drive he can say whatever he likes. This also applies to cans on V (yest the energy drink his grandad bought for him 3 weeks ago:( ) and beer and wine! he seems to be grasping the concept pretty well.
sorry guys i hope im not boring you.

Mich tagged me for 7 random facts about me so here goes...

1) I am always cold so im am not coping at all with this weather. Coby was born cold....he needed to have a heater above his little bed after he was born hope he is not like me.

2)The only place out of victoria i have been is tasmania for 5 days on school camp in year 10.pretty sad i know!

3)I lived 5 houses down the road from chris without knowing he existed for 7 years.

4)I didn't get my licence until i was almost 22. I was in a serious accident when i was 16 and it made me very nervous passenger. i am more comfortable driving than being a passenger. Maybe the next random fact has a bit to do with this too!

5)I don't like to try new things. As a child i was never really encouraged to try new activities so this is something i rarely do, i am almost always in my comfort zone.

6)Coby's dad and i were never really together we were mates who slept together for 3 years then coby came along. although i was far from promiscuous i was asked to have a DNA test when coby was 3 days old, which turns out to the the best $800 anyone could have ever spent.

7)At the moment i am very unhappy with where my career/working life is headed, i don't feel challenged and i don't feel i am making a difference.

So there you go.

i tag



*deb and sally

*kristy doble

i think everyone else has done it!

im struggling with my 365 day photo challenge a little, im still enjoying it but need ideas. Here are monday, tuesday, wednesdays and thursdays photos (i must go back and count what number day i am up to.

mondays photo....i remembered just before bed so this was the best anyone was gunna get!:)

Tuesdays photo was a mission. i was in a real shitty mood so after trying to get a half decent photo of myself i eventually gave up. hense the hand over the face.
wednesdays photo is with my warm jacket on. the cold weather really gets to me. see my random facts listed below.

here is todays photo pippa wasn't totaly enthusiastic about posing for the camera.(all the above photos were taken in my kitchen which is funny because i started taking the photos in my scrap room when the challenge begun.

well i have been scrapping today i did a Lo with my new fireside crafts kit in an hour that is awesome for me. this kit has to be by far the best kit yet great for scrapping those summer photos we all still have lying around. The thing that is different about the fireside crafts kits are they never contain all pink products which unfortunately most of the kit company's do. so for all of you out there interested in purchasing a kit that isn't all PINK then be sure to keep posted for when the kit is published.

ok sorry about the extra long post.


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Pip Prosser said...

Christie, you are so photogenic without even trying so don't you dare give up the challenge. Flick through some magazines for some inspiration and get yourself some props happening. I liked reading your seven random facts ... I can totally relate to the whole comfort zone thing. I liked reading about Coby too, kids are so honest! Have a good day,

connie said...

you are doing so well coming up with a different photo everyday.. love seeing them..

take care


wendy treseder said...

Keep going with the photos Chris, I know how you feel. It's really hard to come up with a fresh idea some days, but I'm determined to keep trying. Maybe we should invest in some cool wigs like Pip *wink*.

I laughed at all the cobyisms, so funny. I remember when Harry was little he used to blurt out every thought that came into his head. We could never keep any family secrets because he always told everyone everything whether they were interested or not. Actually he's still a bit like it.

kirsty said...

hi how you going now i will really have to think what i am going to do with this challange you have given me! i had to have a laugh at what cody has been saying it only gets better let me tell you that madi is really bad at just saying what ever pops into her head and she is seven sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you take care chat soon kirsty xx