Saturday, January 26, 2008

More Lo's to share

This is my first christmas LO.

I just love the Elsie Noel Papers. I wanted to create a LO that was about christmas day as a whole because we went to 3 different places.This Lo is for the challenge on the KI MEMOIRIES BLOG. the challenge is to scrap a blurry photo. I love this LO and the Photo.

Thats all for today im feeling a little hung over i had a hens day at the races yesterday then out to the pub. Im off for a nanna nap.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Buzz and Bloom DT submission LO's

Ok at last here are the Lo's i submitted for the buzz and bloom DT and i am so happy to say that i love everyone of them and had so much fun creating these LO.

The first LO is for your favorite technique....DOODLING! The next one is for Fresh and Unique!
The next one is YOUR TOP 10!
The next one is a product showcase.
The next one is a photo size mini LO showcasing your fave techniques and introducing yourself. I love this little mini lo and have begun re-creating it in a LO. The colours are so cool and i just cant stop using Love elsie products.

So what do you i worthy of my DT spot :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Coby

Last tuesday by boy turned 5!!!!

Wow i never thought it would floor me that way it has. 5 is BIG

I have never really been effected by another of coby's birthdays before now he was just another year older, growing big etc. But this birthday WOW!

I think i might have something to do with the fact that 2 and a half weeks after his birthday he will be starting SCHOOL and to me that is really big. I am welcoming school yes sure i will shed a few tears on the first day and i really don't want him growing up this fast but i can't wait for school! Bring on the routine, the stability and bring on the new phase in all of our lives.

Coby is so excited we took him to buy his new school clothes on his birthday to add to the excitement and it is just so amazing. He has grown up over the holidays and has besome more mature and settled in his skin. We havn't really done that much and i think that it has benefited him greatly. He isn't coming and going too and from kinder creche, grandmas house, dad's house etc. it has been really settled and it shows.

He also hasn't been staying at his dad's house or seeing him for that matter(long story) for over a month now and i think the consistency with Parenting has made all the difference too. He has been spending 3 days at a time with his grandad and he really loves that I think it's the realxed environment and the sea air that has contributed also.

Life is really good at the moment and i cant wait to see what 2008 will bring!

Ill share some photos with you.

Until next time hopefully ill post some LO's if im not slack and 365 day photos. . . . that's another story!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

PS I Love You - Second Trailer (#2)

WOW can you imagine watching a movie and crying every 10 minutes and i mean sobbing. I never wanna watch this movie again. . . simply because i never wann feel that miserable ever again. I even came home and cried again.
Make sure you go see this movie ladies and take a BOX of tissues not the little travel ones because sarah and i went through 3 packets.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Invites, Buzz and Bloom and Fireside crafts

hello everyone! How has 2008 been for you so far?

In between moving, broken dogs, christmas and having tonsillitis i have created some invites.Thought i would share them with you!

i have some LO from the 6th fireside crafts kit to share with you.

the kit is full of felt, buttons and lots of great KI memories pop culture papers and laced cardstock look here for more info on getting your hands on this awesome kit.

Also look here at the Buzz and Bloom 2008 DT. It is so great to be part of such an diverse group of awesome scrappers im so excited about this new challenge. Im itching to share with you the LO i created for the DT call i am pretty proud of all of them.

ok untill next time


PS pip is doing GREAT we take her back to the surgeon on tuesday i am so proud of her progress.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Apparently all the dogs are wearing them!

We are so proud of her progress she is up and stumbling around, she isn't using her right back leg which is a bit of a concern but she seems happy enough...well when she doeasn't have her collar on anyway!

Thanks to everyone for your kind words it is great to know there are lots of other crazy dog lovers out there.
Well here are my 365 day photos so far this year, as i said in my previous post i was so busy in december that i have cheated and skipped december hope that is ok!



(it is suppoed to be a photo holder)

^JAN 3 PIP is home

^Jan 4 ME and PIP

^JAN 5 me


^JAN 7 the back of my head
I also have some christmas photos i wanna share ill do that in the next post.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Look who is home!

It is so great to have my girl home.

Ill post tomorrow with an update and my latest 365 day photos.
(i decided to have a 'break' from the photo challenge for the month of december because of the move/no internet/christmas/pip's accident/toncilitis)

untill tomorrow