Thursday, August 30, 2007

ok here is my catch up post...strap yourself in:)

Here is my fathers day project for Paper doll scrap boutique. Im still loving these shots ok little O. I made it to match the colours in nicolas house so she can display it.

Here are my latest 365 Day shots.
WEDNESDAY 22nd aug
I have scrapped my 365 day shots onto index cards so i can keep them all together. Here are the first few i have manage to do.

QUIRKS. I have no patience for technology especially with new technology. No a computer isn't new technology for me but this one is. I swapped my lap top for chris' sisters computer and it has been a mission sorting it out and getting all of the settings how i like them.

Im getting cobys cold and mot looking forward to it. QUIRKS! i don't cope well with being sick. From working in child care or 8 years i rarely get sick so having a cold really annoys me i feel useless and sorry for myself. I hate not being productive.

QUIRKS whenever chris and i drive anywhere either of us have our hand on the drivers leg. I think its a comfort thing. I love the fact that there are still public displays of affection after nearly 4 years. LOVE HIM LOTS


QUIRK? I have been having my hair cut by the same person since i left high school but she has moved to QLD. I got my hair cut on saturday. It looks ok but i gave the hairdresser hell.


NO QUIRK HERE i just feel like crap. called in sick form work and just wanna couch all day


QUIRK! i always wear eye make up. it is especially difficult this time of year because i get eczema on my right eyelid.


QUIRK. I don't bite my nails but i can't handle having scratchy bits of nail hanging. I used to have acrylic nails for 5 years and i want them back but my nails are in the best condition that have ever been so i will just leave them.CRAP PHOTO I KNOW

Ok this isn't going to be a detailed post because i have to go finish packing for our weekend away and chris just rang and informed me that his boss is coming around for pizza for t and it is 8:30 and i have my pyjamas on. better go and change!

hopefully next post ill have some awesome pics of our weekend away .


Monday, August 27, 2007

where have i been?

sorry i have been MIA.

Coby was sick all last week and i have been working and i have been getting a new computer installed and i cannot find the driver for my new camera so i can't load any of my new camera photos or my 365 day shots.

ill share this photo from last saturday night the D&S scrapbook retreat.

The drink of choice for the weekend . . . .

RED WINE SLUSHIES! purely by accident but we went with it. im loving chilled red wine atm.

im looking forward to our weekend away in marysville this weekend. we were planning to go to the snow but they have had unusually nice weather and all of the snow has melted!

This is the view this morning of the lake mountain toboggan run! Im happy the weather is nice though.

im sure we will find things to do. im just looking forward to relaxing especially since coby has shared his cold with me!

Thanks for visiting i hope i can share some photo's soon.


love christie

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

lots of layouts to share.

I had my first play with my new camera yesterday. Pippa was the only one home so she was my test subject. i have never been able to get a decent shot of her with my old camera. im loving this shot. can't wait to scrap it. im imagining a crown on her head what do you think?

I had a ball on the weekend at the retreat. deb and sally did a fantastic job and the venue was awesome. EVERYTHING was under the one roof, crop room, shop, kitchen, all bedrooms and bathrooms. There was and en suite for every 2 bedrooms yes NOT camp style cubicle showers and the food was great 3 hot meals a day and morning t and supper.

i managed to scrap 7 Lo and 7 cards. im getting into the habit of using the leftover scraps from my lo to create cards. I have never enjoyed creating cards but it was fun.

ok here are my LO from the retreat

here are all of my cards, i planned ahead, owens 1st birthday card and xaviers 2nd birthday cards are all done.

I was lucky enough to print lots of photo's from owens shoot with katie toland so i had lots of awesome photos to scrap. it made it much easier to choose photos and get inspired.

Her is just so delicious.

here is owen with his hot mum nicola. If you hadn't guessed im loving elsie papers at the moment. very freestyle pages as well.
Yes i am addicted to drawing outlines around papers etc. i would have to say my brown and black and white gel pens got a work out on the weekend :)
check out those blue eyes
and this LO yes i have scrapped the new basic grey. i was never overly impressed by it when i saw it online but there are some papers that i did fall in love with. this is the recess range.

yes i did manage to scrap one LO of coby on the weekend. the journelling reads

'you have been in my life now for 1617 days. where has that time gone?if you ask me it's all been a blur' . when i took this blurred shot i immediately knew how i wanted to scrap it.

another one of my 365 dy photo's scrapped!

This is chris and i sitting watching TV on a wednesday night, coby is usually at his dad's house so we take the opportunity to have a quiet relaxing night.

and this LO that i scrapped a few days before the retreat. i just love the photo's of him katie toland is so amazingly talented.


If anyone is interested i am hosting a tupprware party on thursday night so if you were interested in coming or booking a party or placing a pre order just send me an email. we are making pizza i can't wait. there are amazing rewards for hosting a party and there was a new catalogue released last week that is supposed to have lots of new goodies and guess what . . . . purple tupperware!

my email is

thanks for all of the comments everyone has been leaving.

bye love christie.

Monday, August 20, 2007

it's been a while

hello everyone.
i would like to say sorry for not posting sooner i have been flat out.
i will post all my 365 day photos so strap yourself in.

the first photo is from friday the 10th august. on my way to take pippa for a hair cut at groomingdales.

SATURDAY the next photo is of me in my office/scrap room. SUNDAY. sitting in my scrap room again, this pose wives me minimal chins:)
MONDAY I love wearing earings and i have a few favorites that i wear all of the time. i wear gold jewellery excapt my pandora bracelet. i don't like wearing true gold earings everyday, gotta wear something funky.
The next one TUESDAY my flat pointy shoes. there are the comfyest shows i own. i love pointy shoes but hate wearing heels i have broad flat feet so it is hard buying comfy shoes.
WEDNESDAY- Here is my latest hand bag. it is a bit casual compared to my others and i honestly don't think i will e using it for very long. i have a hard jog finding bags i like that don't cost a fortune.
THURSDAY-i always seem to walk around with my sunnies on my head and forget about them. ill often put my PJ's on of a night and realise my sunnies are still on my head.

FRIDAY- I have a new fridge. its a 385 litre upside down fridge and i love it. i also bought my self something new when i bought my fridge. (see mondays photo)


SATURDAY- jody took a photo of me at the D&S scrapbook retreat and ill add it when she emails it.


SUNDAY-this is the mini tote i won in a raffle on the weekend. i recently sold my reguar size tote because it was too big this one is better though holds just enough tools and pens and adhesives, punches and my ruler.

Take a look at me TAX man pressie for myself. YAY i had planned to only buy a fridge with my Tax cheque but i got a great deal and more tax return than i expected so i got to have my cake and eat it too! Now i just need to ork out how to use it properly.

ill be off now ill post my lo from the weekend tomorrow.

keep leaving comments it's one of the highligh of my day when i see them fill my inbox.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Kylie Minogue - Did It Again

i just love this music video. it would have to be one of my favorites alongside robbie williams rock dj.
what is your favorite music video

Friday, August 10, 2007

Photos, 2 plugs, a class and little O

Here are my latest 365 photos.
(im finding it easier to post them weekly)

^ SATURDAY NIGHT: card night at mum's house it's becoming a bit of a tradition, we play phase 10 a really fun game. i usually score untill i have had too much wine and then i loose the very minor maths skills that i have. the most sober person usually wins because the drunk people can't pay any attention to the other peoples strategy. Im pretty good at shuffling.

^ SUNDAY: people usually comment on my eye colour it is really dark blue on the outside and hazel on the inside. Coby looks like he is going to have the same

^ MONDAY this is my 'C' charm chris got me 2 christmasses ago. the letter C is important to me it stands for christie/chris/coby. Als my heart necklace you cant see it too well here only 1/2 of it but i feel lost when im not wearing it. It was my grandmas and if i have a moment of weakness i find myself hoding onto it.

^ TUESDAY this is me on my slOOOOw lap top. i spend way too much time in front of here blog stalking and just surfing the net.
^ WEDNESDAY ok tilt your head to the right > this is chris and i on the couch watching 300. my in my PJ's and chris in his trackies and ugg boots. we love wednesday nights coby is usually at his dad's house for the night and we just kick back watching tv or go and see a movie. YES i am a bit spoilt!

^ THURSDAY this is me giving coby a butterfly kiss he just loves them. he is such a loving boy. he is very afftecionate (s?) and just loves snuggling with his mum.


check out this

I can't wait untill next weekend. The d and S scrapbook retreat at camp manyung in mornington. there are still places available for next friday night if you are interested in coming along. the cost is $25 and that includes a yummy dinner and you can stay as late as you like!

click on the link to book your spot.
just because. . . . . . .

here is a lo i powered through last night.

I really enjoyed working with the LUX designs papers

it will be for the september freestyle class at paper doll. be sure to book your spot. It will be held on a thursday night he date will be confirmed soon.

Im looking forward to a quiet weekend this weekend. Coby has scammed his way into sleeping at mum's tonight and then he will spent the day with his granddad tomorrow, and finally he will spend his first saturday night at home since the end of april.

Hopefully i will get some scrapping done i got my hands on the new scenic route papers and i am so in love with them. The summer range is my favorite ad i think i got every sheet.

make sure you have a look at katie toland's photo bog and scroll down to thursdays post to see the awesome shots of little O he is just so cute i saw all of the proofs today and i can't wait to get my hands on the photo's so i can scrap them.

ill share one here with you. (hope that's ok katie)

he is just so adorable i think it is the little nose.
have a great weekend

MWAH christie

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

WOW! a double LO!

Yes i know i know im a slack blogger, my lap top is shitting me at the moment and we are waiting for chris dad to come install a new computer.

yes it is true i have done a double LO.

the quote reads

'you have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourdself in any direction you choose'.

i had the hardest time scanning it in so i had to photogragh it so forgive me for the poor shot. i just love the elsie riley papers the rubbons are soo easy to apply, especially for mr who is so crap at applying them :)

And just because i feeli like sharing her is the last double Lo i created about 2 years ago! funnily enough i still like it!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

OK here is the Lo i am teaching at paper doll next thursday the 16th at 7pm to 9pm

Please feel free to follow the link and book in. (sorry the pic is small)

Wendy has asked me to run a series of monthly 'freestyle classes' . They will all be held on a thursday night. My scrapping style at the moment is very freeestyle which to me means no rules and loads of out of the square thinking. There will be minimum ruling, lots of freehand cutting, hand sewing and using of felt. Oh and i forgot to mention there will almost always be some form of doodling. I am very flexible in my classes and i am happy for you to embrace your own creativivty and make alterations to your Lo.So make sure if you are interested that you book in. It will be heaps of fun and i welcome suggestions for up coming classes.

that will be all for today ill post my latest 365 day photo's tomorrow and im hoping to update the setup of my blog.

thanks for visiting

Wendy has included me as a 'rockin' girl blogger.
I tag Jody, deb and sally, ad whoever else wants to be a part of it.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Kelly Clarkson MAYBE

i just love this song.
i was asked a little while ago if i had a theme song what would it know if you were walking down the street what song would be playing in the background! well this would have to be mine. ENJOY

Friday, August 3, 2007

this weeks 365 day photos!

here is pip and i sitting on my bed on SATURDAY chatting to chris.

SUNDAY Cooking mince for t. i hate cooking mince so i always hand it over to chris so he can get the lumps out.
MONDAY. . . i am sooo not domestic. i cleaned my first oven today!
TUESDAY This is my work id.
AUGUST 1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WEDNESDAY this months theme is
quirks and idiosyncrasies (s?) i always grind my teeth. when i concentrate, drive and sleep even when i scrap or am on the computer. i constantly have a sore jaw!
THURSDAY i am always making lists. FRIDAY. . . i love it when my hair is straightened. also ill share my last 2 FIRESIDE CRAFTS DT layouts.

im doing heaps of layouts for nic and dan at the moment i am desperately trying to scrap heaps of lo to create an album for owen's first birthday.

The 3rd kit from fireside crafts was awesome to work with and i have so many products left.
Pauline is also running a comp for the website where you can win a voucher to spend in the online store if you create a lo using the becky fleck sketch that is displayed here. be cure to check it out.

have a great weekend guys