Thursday, July 12, 2007

365 day photo's

Do you like my tea cup.
It looks awesome on my desk and holds all of my most recently purchased supplies.
My sister bought it for me for my birthday.
i also covered my craft wood draws the other night and im happy with tha paper i chose. they go with the green and pink theme of the room i just need to give the ourside a coat of paint.

I am in the middle of going through my scrap room and sorting it out, re-organising and kulling a lot of supplies that i have been hanging onto.

Here are some of my latest photo's.

This is my mum and i a pretty rare photo because my mum never volunteers for a photo.
I love hanging out with my mum we plan to do nothing usually go for a quick shopping trip and shop for the best part of the day and then we are totally exhausted by the end of the day.
Its so great that she is well now. She is trying to grow her hair back to the length it was. i like it short it was even better when it was really short, when she was having chemo and had no hair she looked so cool with the most perfect shaped head ever.

And this blurry one. This was me with (left to right) Nicola, Sarah, ronelle and Kellie. Bianca was taking the photo.

There are better ones but they are on ronelle camera so i will change the pic soon. sorry for the bad shot kellie.:)

and today's shot is of the earings kellie bought me for my birthday which she has kindly offered to wear out for me when w go out on Saturday night.

it was great to catch up with the girls last night it has to be one of my favorite things to do.

i took my nephew Matty to the movies to see transformers today and i think i enjoyed it more than him. IT WAS AWESOME. the special effects were amazing and the story lines were great. The transformers looked so great that you forgot they were computer animated. It is definitely one worth seeing on the BIG screen.

Who would have thought that these campaigns really work.
Coby was talking to me last night about having mashed potato balls and and you have to put it on your fingers and move them then you flick it up into the air and catch it in your mouth.
KFC mashies! it was so cute so tonight i let him try some. We got to mum's house and he kept trying to balance the mashie on his fingers and flick it into his tub of gravy. It was so funny to watch.

Coby is really missing chris he asks every night when will he be home and is so disappointed when i say not tonight. the consolation (s?) is that his job is to keep me warm in my bed untill chris comes home and it is so cool having him sleep one side and pippa the other side they both snuggle right in and keep me warm. i also have my stand in water bottle:) that does a good job too just need it to vacuum, do the dishes and put the washing away and i will be right :) chris might have to go back to bulla next week but at the moment im fine with it all might have something to do with the weekend away Chris' boss is paying for for the 3 of us.

thanks everyone for the birthday wishes i had a great day.
Im loving all of my special blog friends out there. you all know who you are:)
untill next time


wendy treseder said...

Hey there Chris,


Sorry I forgot to say it to you when I saw you yesterday.


mich said...

WHAT A GGRRRRREAT IDEA!!! That giant teacup is brilliant! And I really like that craft wood drawer too! Where did you get them from? :) :)

scrapwitch said...

loving you pics..left you a message in the tenacious d post..

danni p said...

thanks for the congrats and comment on my blog.
hope you had a happy happy birthday!

Crissy Gaylor said...

Love the tea cup! Very cute!
Happy Belated Birthday Christie! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris

You didn't mention you were having a birthday when we last caught up. Happy Belated birthday hun - sounds like you've been spoiled and had a lot of fun. Can't wait to catch up again