Monday, January 29, 2007

wow it's been a while!

Just a quick post to share a LO

I started this Lo at home, then played with it some more at Jody's house then finished it last week. I'm pretty happy with it.

I hate to admit it but currently i have 5 1/2 finished LO's. Is that bad?

I have been to busy that i haven't had a chance to do much scrapping just throw some ideas around. I have also decided to try out for the Paper doll Design team. This has lots of projects but i am looking forward to getting them done. I have almost completed the 3x3inch mini book and i love it. Lots of craft paper, large Heidi flowers, Heidi papers and heaps of doodling.I'm so addicted to scalloped edges and raw chipboard as well at paper bag card stock. Just can't get enough.
I finished at the pub last Friday and i am in 2 minds about it! I miss the social side of it, and the different environment but i don't miss working nights! I'm thinking about working over Easter and maybe some other days just to get some extra cash. Chris should get his pay rise soon and then in September he will be qualified and then here come the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. He started his electrician apprenticeship when we had only been seeing each other for 2 months so it has been a bit tough but managable. He keeps reminding me that things will be different when he is the 'bread winner', i hope that doesn't mean that i have yo start vacuuming? Hopefully my the end of this year we will have some progress to building our own home something to look forward to.

I started my new job today, setting up the room for the new little kiddies, i will be a but of a shock taking the back seat and being an assistant but i love the kindergarten system and it's a welcome change. Jason (the teacher, yes a male) is OK he like his things done his way and is very anal and authorative. It will be Interesting! He's treating me a little like i have no idea about anything but once i find my feet and 'prove' myself' it will be all good.

Coby starts kinder next week, the has grown up soo quick.

It seemed like only yesterday this photo was taken of me holding him in my arms only hours old. What a sweet baby boy he was (during the day).
Still i don't see my mind changing about having more children. Im constantly told that this will change but he is 4 now shouldn't it have changed already? My sister seems to think it's a bit selfish as Chris is not Coby's Dad and he will want to be a dad some day but i guess we will talk about that when Chris is ready to be a Dad but for now, one child is just fine.
Off the look at my new Feb FK or watch Lost season 2, I'm catching up before it starts next week and I'm so glad i have decided to there are so many things that i have forgotten

Thanks for visiting i promise i will post more often...oh by the way sent my scanned back and now i have a new one YAY.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Too Hot to be working!

Yes it is too hot to be working in a hot pub. Started at 9:30 today and finished at 9:15 tonight. The power was out in Dromana so everyone had to come to the Rosebud hotel for tea. It's unbelievable how rude some holiday makers can be. Sorry about the whinge just wanted to be at the beach today instead.

It was Coby's birthday yesterday. Sunday night we took him to Taco Bills for tea....he loves their virgin margarita fish bowls.

These are my nephews Matty (right) 11 and Bailey (left) he's 5.

After much hinting the girl gave Coby a Taco Bill Sombrero.
To me birthdays need to be all about making the day special so Chris and i took coby to the zoo on Monday. It was a great day we got lots of close ups and some pretty good shots.

Coby loved the butterfly house. Got the great shot of the both of our hands. And this shot of Coby and the butterfly on his arm. Chris hates the pic of him. The gorillas were out as well got a real close up of the females and the silver back who came right up to the glass and turned is back to us all.

It was such a great day we just took out time and wandered around. Coby and i both slept on the drive home i just couldn't manage to keep my eyes open. Coby is such a lucky boy to have a Dad and an amazing father figure is his life. He just adores Chris and Chris just adores him.

We are having a 'beach party' at mum's house tomorrow it's her birthday so i will get some awesome pics before i have too much to drink:).

Ill leave you with this pic i took on Sunday morning when i had to leave for work this is what i had to leave behind.
It was very tempting to stay at home but a mum's gotta do what a mum's gotta do.Right? I'll have lots of pic's to scrap at Jody's house on Friday night. can't wait to catch up with the old CTYD girls.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Some Layouts!

I did this LO for a submission for SC. They were asking for lo with references to the funny little things people say. Poor Coby had a sore headache in his leg and needed a band aid. I really love this LO i love the stitched ghost frame and the arrows and the doodling and well all of it. :)

This Lo is for the EDM comp. It's for the January- Lil Davis Relaxation. Each year all of my highschool friends catch up for grand final weekend for either 1 day or 2 days. Usually most of us catch up minus one or two. It's always a great weekend with lots of laughs and drinking. This LO cane together very quickly and it is one of my few LO that was completed in one night and ended up looking just as i had imagined.

This is my other EDM Relaxation LO. It was also completed in one night and pretty much how i had wanted it to look. I'm still debating as to whether i will submit the LO's for the comp. I have really enjoyed the challenge and it has kept me busy.

Thanks Jody for scanning my LO's your the best scrappin friend ever. MWAH!

Monday, January 8, 2007

First published LO :)

I got my scrapbook creations mag today and I'm soo excited my first published LO.

Its on the contents page and page 93 in quick grabs. Yay. I am now a published scrapbooker.
Unfortunately the mag was printed very dull. The colours seem to look really washed out. While browsing check out Jodie's LO on page 99.
I ended up scamming Sunday night off which was great. Just had T at mum's house and came home and scrapped. I love just hanging out at mum's house. She is so great she is having coby a bit for me this week as Chris will be away 4 work and well how can i put it. . . . . . . .Coby's Dad is a pain in the BUM. Wont go there!

Well i finally loaded photo stitch on last night and now my scanner won't work again. I'm taking it back on Thursday to change it over. I have so many new LO to share.

Thought i would share this LO with everyone. It's very basic but it's one that i extremely important to me.

In 2005 my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer she took it really well especially after nursing and then loosing my grandmother a month before. She Had 2 large lumps in her left breast and began Chemotherapy almost immediately. After the chemo the lumps had reduced considerably which they think a trial drug had a lot to do with. She then had a Mastectomy 2 days before Christmas 2005 and then they told her that there were actually 3 lumps. They removed 15 lymph nodes and found cancerous cells in 5 of them which is really rare. 6 weeks After the procedure she began radio therapy which she had to have 5 days a week for 5 weeks driving herself from Hastings to monash Clayton. She then found out that she didn't qualify for the trial drug Herceptin which has been proven to reduce the chances of the cancer coming back by half. Which in mum's case was 25% as her oncologist had told her that she had a 50% chance of it returning. She was then told that she would have to pay 70,000 for the drug for 12 months but she may need it for 2 years. Mum didn't hesitate to get the finances for the medication and Began treatment. The next blow, because she had to pay for the treatment public hospitals wouldn't administer it so she had to pay a private hospital to administer it as she was no private health insurance. After 5 treatments the Herceptin has approved by the government and placed on the PBS. Mum has now only 3 treatments left in her first year and it looks like she wont need to continue after that. My mum is an amazing woman and talks and jokes freely about her experience. She never complained about any of the treatments, she rarely had a day off work and kept a positive attitude the whole time. She is an inspiration.

So that is what the above LO is about.

Bye for now Christie

Saturday, January 6, 2007

All work and some scrapping!

Just a quick post to check in. I have to work form 10 to 3 than 5 to 9 tonight at the pub i am getting very over it. Coby is with his Dad today then with mum from about 7:30 till i finish work. Chris is having a day at the Balnarring races a much deserved day out after he has had Coby for me all week.

I got an email from Scrapbooking Memories today and they have accepted my 'Winter survival kit' LO. So i'll get that in the post some time next week.

Off to IKEA tomorrow YAY. I have been doing a bit of scraping and i have surprised myself. The LO have came together very quickly and i am happy with them. Will post them soon. I pick up photo stitch from Jody this afternoon in between shifts hopefully.

This is one of my Favourites LO's that i have done. I created it on our scrapping weekend away in August and i love it. It's for the EDM comp and i am following a bit of a rule with it. I am using MOMENT in every title and also using paperbag cardstock on every LO and i am also including a piece of patterned or cardstock on each layout that is 8 x 10.5 inches just to make it more of a challenge. I have totally enjoyed it. I'm going to post all of my older LO and my EDM LO on Monday when i have a day off.

Happy scrapping and blogging



Monday, January 1, 2007

New Scanner New Layout!

I had my first play with my new scanner today. Chris' Dad finally got it all set up for me Thanks Heata. So here is the LO i was inspired to do tonight.

It is of my friend Nicola after she had her son Owen in October. Just love the shot of her and her Mum with little O.

Ill scan some more LO's in soon just waiting to get my hands on a copy of photo stitch. If anyone out there is willing to send me their copy so i can load it and send it back that would be great. Just wanna play with my new toy!

I have recently bought some furniture for my scrap room. It's coming along nicely. I'm feeling more and more inspired. I have created 2 Lo in the past week and both were completed on separate nights which is a big deal for me as i usually procrastinate over finishing a LO for at least 2 days.

I got these metal baskets from office works last week and they fit perfectly in the 3 spaces to the left of my desk and will encourage me to stay organised as i am a very untidy scrapper. I'm trying to have a theme of Pink and green within the room! I got his wine buffet on special last week in K-Mart it fits my jars perfectly and i love the little cabinet.

I brought the ribbon holder from Terry when she shut up shop SOB.

I have wound all of my ribbons onto my AC ribbon rolls that i was saving for the kids to make Christmas tree decorations. They all fit so well and it's a bit of a feature within the room.
can't wait for my next trip to IKEA with Jody for some more storage solutions, i just love buying storage!

I got this little 'Book shelf from K-Mart as well it was my Boxing day bargain $40. YAY. (bad photo sorry) I'm still working out where i want everything i hope to fill this with all boxes or baskets after visiting IKEA.

And last is my Work station. I LOVE IT. It allows me to keep my LO's setup permanently and still be able to use the computer without having to move everything. It was $500 in furniture galore and it's awesome. 6 hours to assemble and it was so heavy (another Poor photo but you get the idea)

I saw pink office chair in office works last week for about $25 I think I might need one, my wicker chair just isn't practical.

Well that's my scrap space and I'm sure that I am spending too much time in there but it makes me happy.
It would be great to see where everyone else scraps i love looking and getting ideas about how to setup my room and arrange practical storage.

My scrap space used to be very mobile, yes out of the back of my car. Now i dread the thought of packing up my stuff to go scrap somewhere else.
I have a LO i created of a picture of the back of my car it is published in the next issue of SC so i will post it soon, it's a great contrast to what i have now.