Sunday, April 29, 2007

My baby is home!

Yes My EDM album has arrived home! We all know what that means. :(

I am just so glad it has arrived home in 1 piece.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Comedy Festival / Fireside Crafts DT Layouts

Chris and i always seen to laugh at the same thing which is quite good when it comes to watching movies and this time of year when we try to get to the Melbourne comedy festival.

We decided to get tickets for the 'Chopper, harden the f#$k up Australia tour' Yes it sounds a bit odd but those of you who watch the 'Ronnie Johns half hour' know that the best part is when he takes off Chopper Reid. The show was based on the fact that Australia is getting 'soft' and needs to harden up. It was a very funny show that begun with everyone taking the 'chopper oath' which meant that if you agreed with chopper you had to raise your hand and say 'F$#KING oath'. It was pretty funny we tried to get Chris up as an audience member but we were too far back and a little bit eager. Chris ended up buying a T-shirt and got it signed and we managed to get a photo.

We had such a great night it ended up being Chris, his mate Fletcher my friend Kellie (now single doing fairly well) and myself. We got to the city at about 6:30 had a few drinks in the transport bar at federation square. The atmosphere was awesome because it was ANZAC day there were uniformed people everywhere having a ball it was a great place to be. We had pizza for tea and then had a few drinks in another bar at Fed square and then saw the show it started at 9:45 which was a bit late but we coped. We had such a great night federation square has a fantastic atmosphere and so many great places to eat, drink and just absorb the sights.

They have a huge Ferris wheel which was too big, Chris wants to come back to take Coby on it. I don't know how i would cope with that, i couldn't even watch it spin when we were standing under it let along bear the though of my 2 most precious boys being at the top spinning. Then there some how being a malfunction making it come off the stand with Chris and Coby trapped in the spinning wheel and then rolling into the Yarra. Maybe a bit dramatic, but could be possible...give me a break i don't like heights.

Kellie and i wanted a horse and cart ride but the boys put their foot down and said 'NO, maybe on the way home'. I am happy to say even though the boys sounded like parents we didn't walk off sulking like 8 year old girls. Kellie is a true farm girl who has always had horses so she would take any opportunity to get near a 'pony'.

So have you looked at the fireside crafts website yet, Pauline is busy making changes so it looks like more of a scrap booking website. take a minute to have a look.

Here are my DT Layouts for the April/ May kit.

I came across the new Blog 'Scrap the Boys' through Connie's blog and have since emailed through some LO which have recently been posted. So check out the link there is lots of boy layouts posted every couple of days.

Until next post


OH also Jody and i booked into the 'remember when scrapbooking' weekend for the queens birthday weeked which will be great. I can't wait for a whole weekend of scrapping without child or household distractions....bring it on.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Hello everybody

Things have been really quiet here, Chris was home Tuesday and Wednesday unwell but not too unwell :) It has been nice to have him home just relaxing.

I have been busy with my paper doll DT Kit and I'm happy with the way my little 'BOX' has turned out. However when i go home yesterday i found it on my loungeroom floor with the petals of the flower chewed and some of the paper chewed. Coby saw it on the floor and quite matter of factly said 'well mummy you shouldn't leave your things on the floor' (wonder where he heard that from?) I had left it on the kitchen bench and my not so sweet little Pippa had gotten up there. There is a blanket box under the bench and she must have used it to get up. aren't i lucky TOY poodles are sooo clever :(.

I have also been busy creating instructions to start teaching classes a peoples houses. I have had a few people ask me about coming and teaching them monthly and i have decided to roll with it and see how it all goes. It it becomes successful, as in 2 to 3 classes a week i will look into purchasing some products wholesale.

Ok here are my last EDM LO's

this lo is a collage of smaller photos i have taken of my scrap space. This is where i spend all of my free time and I'm beginning to think i have too much free time because I'm in there a lot! I used the strano ribbon and also the tag from the free strano ribbon that came with FK. 'ribbon makes the world more colourful', i changed it to 'scrapbooking'.:)

This LO was done really quick, i was stuck on the creativity hobbies theme and i decided to put a different spin on it. I'm really pleased with the way it has worked out.

Yes your right this is only 1/2 a LO. I scanned the same side twice and didn't realise till i had sent the whole EDM album so you get a bit of an idea. This LO is about the first ever recognisable drawing Coby had ever done. I used the sassafrass lass papers for this because they have he lined paper that just reminds me of learning to write in primary school.

The last LO is the Cover of my EDM album. I covered a SEI preservation series album and kept with the theme i had been following all along. I really like how it turned out i agonised over it for days.

Im off out for t tonight with the girls one of my friends Kellie broke up with her boyfriend she had been seeing for 21/2 years and needs cheering up. Yes that's 2 of my friends that have broken up with or been 'dumped' by their partners in a matter of months.....Chris is starting to stress. :) I have reassured him that we will be fine...even better when i'm wearing my diamond! We have already chosen it, it's just a matter of a purchase and a proposal now.

Well i better go and finish a LO i started today.Now my EDM Lo are loaded i will share some other LO i have been working on.

don't forget to take a look at ill post my DT Lo here soon.

don't forget leave a comment too :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007


hello everyone in blog world hope you all had a fantastic Easter mine was nice and relaxed lots of catching up with friends.

I went out for tea to Chinese on Saturday night with Sarah, Mel and Ronelle had a lovely night with a lovely amount of wine. I was good to catch up with Mel she has been with her partner since year 10 in high school (11 years) and have plans to travel over seas again and they have just broken up. So it was a bit of a cheering up night. I'm happy to say she is doing fairly well as well as i would be in that situation. LOVE YA MEL

Then on Sunday nigh Chris and I took Coby to the Monster trucks in Cranbourne and it was awesome. 3 hours of 'non stop action' :) Coby had a ball watching the monster trucks, jet vans, stunt bikes and the 2 30 minute fire work displays. It was well worth the $ ($35 for adults and $15 for children over 3) and the 45minute wait in the que to get in. Coby got to ride in the back of the Monster truck which he loved and he also loved the super loud jet vans that had flames shoot out the back and hen they melted a Car. Coby was so sweet clapping and cheering with the crowd.

Then on Easter Monday Ronelle called and said the girls were going to the races to eat dip and drink wine...well i was in. Coby's dad had him for the night so Chris and i met the girls there and got pretty drunk it was great to see Mel again and Kellie.

I was sitting talking to the girls when i could see this little purple thing in the corner of my was Coby his dad had brought him to the races also and he had spotted Chris and i. It was so sweet he ran over and said 'Were you hiding mummy' So Coby ended up hanging out with me and the girls all day which was :) and a bit :( as i wanted to have a 'grown up' day but he was so well behaved and he loves just hanging out with us girl

I really enjoyed creating this LO i got to have a bit of a play and i could include the papers from all of the suppliers.
I have previously posted this LO but wanted to include it in order...such a bad scan! :)
I have also previously included this LO. I still love it, but i love anything pink and green at the moment.

Oh yeah I got my hair done on Saturday...........i am now a true brunette and i really like it. I don't have a photo of my new hair yet maybe soon. Chris got one of his pay rises he has been waiting for. His boss spoke to him last week and thanked him for all of the overtime and expressed how he has been impressed with how Chris had 'stepped up' in the past few weeks. Yay so that's why i have my hair done....Chris gave me a little bonus too!

While im on a roll ill post more EDM LO's


Another one that i have previously posted but keeping them all in order. It's a bit busy but it captures the weekend and the theme.

Coby is and about trucks, any and all trucks and i just had to capture it in a LO. This is seriously the one of 2 ways that he relaxes...the other being in front of the TV. He love his Sand pit too and i have to go and 'clean it out' every couple of days so he can actually fit in it.

This was one of the easier relaxation themed LO to do because i have so many photo's of Coby's the only time he sits still!:)

Ill post some photo's of the monster trucks soon and some other LO's

thanks for staying to read my LOOOOOOOOOOOONG post and I'm so excited that i have nearly had 600 hits on my blog..............not 600 comments though :( .



Saturday, April 7, 2007

Pippa gets pampered / EDM AT HOME

Pippa had her first pampering on Thursday. I took her to Groomingdales in Mt Martha. On arrival she received some treats and a puppaccino and then had her 1 on 1 grooming session.
She looked so sweet with her ribbons in her hair and smelled delicious. Phyllis has just completed her training and is amazing. She only has one dog at a time and she is so gentle and kind. There are no cages and once they are done they roam freely around her yard. Pippa got to play with Phyllis' dog Dougle who is a distant relation to pip. It was all a bit sweet. Her prices are amazingly competitive $45 for small dogs and hat includes hydro-massage bath, Fluff Dry, Full clip, Pupicure, ears and coat stripping when required, she also sells accessories...designer only of course.
If you are interested please call 03 59 743559. Speaking of my sweet little pup, here is my first EDM at home LO.
The Michael Miller memories papers matched this photo so well i just couldn't resist the poodle papers.

This is the Second at home EDM Lo.

These photos were taken a while ago when coby found a small snail outside. The papers once again totally matched the photo so i had to roll with it.

The Next Lo is about my Routine moments. One thing is for sure i hate cleaning my house. I am so lucky that chris is an amazing help. I love the BG blush papers and this was the first time i used them. I also used my Aqua lip and Souffle pens they are amazing and give a 3D look.

Thanks for stopping by hope you all had a great easter.

Oh one more thing....

Had a great time at crop 4 kids on good friday...i was on channel 7 I tried to get out of the shot but the reported wouldn't let me move:)

I won a paper 2 $50 voucher and a kit from scrapbook angels and a kit from Sissy it was a very eventful day and i completed a LO it has been a while since i have completed a layout fully in one day let alone 5 hours.


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

EDM Celebrations

Just a quick post chris is back YAY.I used the
Sassafras lass stamp on the letters just to try to be a little different, Coby saw this pic the other day and i desperate to have his birthday so he can have a piniata again.
This Lo is about when chris and i went to the Maque in St kilda for our 3year anniversary, this an amazing place to stay. Ther was a king size bed with a double spa in the bedroom. It was so good to get away.
This Lo is inspired bu Nic's scan photo, i included the small round Pic to show the idea of the parents creating life. I just love it, it's very basic but sweet. The scan pic is of little O. He is featured in a previous blog with his very 'new born' photo.
Can't wait till friday...crop for kids...yes jody and i will be going after procrastinating for months. It will be such and awesome day.
Thanks for all of the encouraging comments.