Friday, December 29, 2006

What a week

Well i have had lots to blog over the past week and a bit but i have been flat out!
Christmas was good nice and relaxed, i never have Christmas at my house so that takes some of the stress away.

We had Christmas eve dinner at Mums house which was a traditional spread of roast chicken and turkey. I has been a bit hard for me this year without having grandma around. She wasn't with us last Christmas which was difficult but mum was in hospital for Christmas having a mastectomy so we didn't have much time to sit and register it all. So Christmas eve was a bit hard for me. We came home put out Santa's beer and cookies (not chicken nuggets as Coby had previously wanted) negotiating with Coby to give the reindeer's an apple because we had no carrots we put coby into bed without any protest, at 8:30. I took the traditional Christmas eve photo of coby sleeping and we 'played' Santa.

We woke up at 6:45 Christmas morning with coby super excited about all of the presents under the tree. We unwrapped them all and coby enjoyed giving Chris and myself presents just as much as opening them himself. He especially enjoyed helping Pip open her presents. Then we all got dressed and went to My sister Kylie's house for breakfast and to exchange presents. We had ham and turkey on toast and i would have been content having this as the only event for the day. Billie her toy poodle was dressed as Santa.
We then went to Chris parents house to exchange more presents and then dropped coby off at his dad's house for lunch. We then went to Chris' aunty's house for a traditional lunch. It was really nice they are a great extended family and lots of fun after a bottle of red and lot's of food we then went to pick Coby up from his dad's house. I then dropped Chris home to have a 'nanna nap' and popped in to visit mum. Then we came home and just hung out.
I had to work boxing day so coby had a Pyjama day at home with Chris and i met him at mum's house after work for a Seafood Dinner which was yummy and the 2Dad's side of the family.....Not very exciting but the food and the 2 bottles of wine through the evening nicely. Dad's family is very old fashioned and a bit dry.

So after Boxing day i have done 3 double shifts at the pub which is usually 11 to 3 and then 5 to 10. Big days and i am exhausted. I was supposed to work today but i gave one of the girls my shift and have spent the day with Chris and coby. We went into Frankston and picked up my scanner YAY. So i will start scanning my layouts and posting them as soon as i load photo stitch onto my computerI got my December kit from OPAT on Tuesday morning it was so exciting. Can't wait to scrap hopefully tonight.
Have a great new year everyone.
Next year is going to be great i just know it!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Wishes

I just love Christmas but why can't everyone just slow down.
Every year we get 365 days notice to go out and buy presents and be ORGANISED yet we all rush around in the final week leading up to christmas. We all need to get together and VOW that next year we will be more organised and we will be patient when waiting for car parks and we will move our arm slightly when someone walks past us in a busy shopping centre, and sigh less when waiting in long ques.

So this is my VOW for next year,
'I Christie Haywood swear that for Christmas 2007 i will have all of my shopping done by December 20th, and if i need to venture into a shopping centre after this date i will do so in a peaceful and patient way'.

Lets all unite to reduce the Christmas stress in 2007. :-)
I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and i hope Santa is good to you and your family. Don't forget to leave the man in red a snack tonight he needs it.

Coby has a beer in a stubby holder out already for him and when i asked what should we leave him out for a snack he matter of factly replied nuggets and chips. I don't think that will help Santa's waistline. I'll do my best to encourage the traditional cookies and milk but i don't like my chances.
Merry Christmas to all
love and hugs
Here is one of my LO from last Christmas

Thursday, December 21, 2006


I am soooooo Excited.

I just got the call.
(now when to call my boss and resign, what will she do with the 500 business cards with my name on them?)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

yay it's nearly christmas

I just love christmas!
I think i love it more because coby loves it so much.
Well the job interview went great.......better than great it went better than i could have hoped for which is making waiting for that phone call alot harder. Ill be so dissapointed if i don't get it.

Thanks againg for the kind words ladies, i get so excited when i get a new comment, what a geek i have become but i am content to admit that bloggong is my new addiction. It will never take over scrapping but it reduces the time that i scrap a bit.

Now Ruey the reason i haven't posted layouts is because i sadly don't have a scanner :-). i think ill ask Santa for one!
Here is that last layout that i finished, very basic but i love it! My scrap room is also a mess with half finished layouts, half finished Christmas cards and a half finished mini book. I endeavour to post some new layouts ASAP.

I have been Christmas shopping this morning and I'm happy to say i now only have 2 presents to buy, puppy chocolates for the dog and a shirt for my dad what a relief.

I was so lucky i found a child size leaf blower for Coby for Christmas. I'm getting Chris one and Coby loves following Chris around the back yard helping out with his child size mover, whipper snipper, wheel barrow, chainsaw, shovel and other tools. I was worried that not having a child size leaf blower was going to cause problems but YAY i found one in toysRus. Love that shop.

Just got called into work at 5:30 tonight betters go.
should hear about the job tomorrow fingers crossed!

Monday, December 18, 2006


Here is the DAMAGE!
Still waiting on a call from the police. I'll give them today and then I'm calling them now i have the photo's to show them!
I just want to be able to know someone has been made accountable.
Off to work today and then home tonight to make a mini book for Coby's grandad, finish Christmas cards and then finish a little Christmas layouts for my mum's friend.
I'm so glad Kylie Minogue didn't show up at Robbie's concert last night, i was still debating about whether to go at 7am last night after i found tickets on ebay. I't was so awesome i just wanna go again and again.

thanks...............yay some good news

Thank you to everyone who commented in the last few days. I'm still trying to get my head around what happened on Saurday night. I think being 2nd to front row at
Robbie Williams on Sunday night helped get my mind off it. (will post awesome pic's soon)

Didn't help this morning that pippa got bitten on the paw by a bee (so the vet assumes) this morning so i had to wake mum up to give me a lift to the vet to get her checked out, no car......remember Road Raged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is ok now resting in her berry after a shot of antihistamine. Poor girl. How sweet is her bed! She just loves it.

I'm waiting on a phone call tonight from another police office that my dad spoke to today about the situation, (a female police officer) sounds like she had more compassion that the constable i spoke to on Saturday night. I'll post the photos when terry emails them to me so you can all see the damage first hand.

I have a job interview on Wednesday morning.
For those of you that don't know me ill give you a brief rundown of the past 6 months.

I have worked in child care for 6 years but after a takeover by ABC i felt that i didn't have the opportunity to do my job to the best of my ability and frankly i was miserable. I found a job as a sales consultant for an educational resource company on SEEK and applied. I Had the worst job interview ever but got the job with absolutely no experience! I began in August and have been enjoying meeting new women in the children's services industry, however not receiving holiday and sick pay has put a bit of a strain on the finances. Especially with 11 weeks off a year, 6 of which are at Christmas! So i started working back at Rosebud hotel for the summer which is good but hard work. I have always wanted a job as a kindergarten assistant and i found one in the local paper. The hours are great, the pay is better than i was getting as a 'qualified team leader' in child care and it is 3 1/2 days and 2 full days. The best part school holidays off PAID! perfect for Coby at kindergarten next year. These jobs are really hard to come by especially with this many hours the usual is about 15 hrs a week this is 27 1/2 hours.

I'm so excited hope it goes well i'm a bit over qualified but i hope they think i'm an asset to the profession as i know i am.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

What started as a good day..........................

it was a great day untill about 6:40 but ill start at the begining.

I love spending special days with Coby. Just him and I doing whatever we like, usually something special, and just taking it at our own pace

I decided to take him to see 'charlottes webb' today it was so sweet and yes the sook in me shed a tear at the end. Coby was well behaved through the movie a little restless at the end, but what was a bit of a pain was that he kept asking questions throughout the movie. Why is this a pain you ask? He was sort of shouting all of his questions and heaven forbid if i shhhhh him!
*Whats that lady's name?
*I Don't like spiders?
*Where is the man gone?
It was kind of sweet though.

We have had 2 Christmas party's this week and Coby is getting very comfortable around the man in red. Enough to state that Santa is his best friend! Which is a big deal for Coby.

So we went over to Santa and Coby didn't even hesitate to go and say hi. He sat on Santa's lap and was chatting away. I asked the 'elf' to take a photo of Coby and Santa looking each other. She also go a photo of Coby looking at the camera as well, i caved and brought them both!

How sweet! I was so in awe of the situation that i might have had a tear in my eye. MAYBE!
I really do love these days together which need to happen more but between Coby spending every second Saturday night at his Dad's house and spending one day a weekend with his grandad doesn't leave much spare time. The joys of a working mum.

Well here comes the worse part . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I was driving to Terry's house and i was road raged. It is such a gutless thing to do terrorise people with your car and i can now say i have experienced this disgusting behaviour first hand.
Hay we have all been guilty of the odd remark to a passing driver and in the safety of your own car but this was scary.
I pulled into terry's road and there was a car on the roundabout i didn't realise how fast the car was going untill i had already made the turn. The lady driving was shouting and swearing and tailgating me any closer and i would have had them as passengers! So i began top slow down (a bit naughty i know) She was still shouting so i put me middle finger up and began driving at a normal pace.
Terry's house is on a busy road and her driveway is difficult to see so i indicated earlier than i normally would to avoid any trouble. The car then over took me (on double lines and on the rise of a hill) and came to a stop in front of terry's drive way and in front of my car and the male passenger got out. I was 'shitting'(sorry, best description i could find) myself at this time, he then threw a beer stubby into my windscreen and they drove away. I was so shocked i barely made it up terry's drive way and called the police.
Luckily I got the drivers registration number and that Coby wasn't in the car. The police they are going to 'make some calls' and send me the incident report. WOW i am so not capable of any action like this and i am still reeling from it. The Lovely police officer asked why i stuck my finger up and that this person and that the action that i made instigated the road rage behaviour. Maybe but nothing warrants someone damaging someone else's car. I really think that someone should be made accountable for the behaviour!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

boys sweet boys

When i went to pick Coby up from child care on Monday he was atempting to ride the 2 wheeler bike he looked so grown up with the helmet on and taking about two little peddles at a time but i
was so suprised at how persistant he was. So we came home and Chris took the training wheels off of his 2 wheeler bike and they began practicing. I was so annoyed that i had only 15minutes
at home with him and then back off to work. We were only talking about how he was only relying on his training wheels a little when he was riding to the shop the night before, and i insisted that
it might be too early. what do i know.
It's so great to see Chris out there with him. He is so great with him 'super steppy' as he likes to call himself. He is such an improtant part of Coby's life. So off i went to work leaving my boys home to parctice and to cook a BBQ tea. He is growing up so quick. Which reminds me that i must do my then and now EDM layout.

I have gotten back into scarppin, work is rapping up for the year so the workload has reduced considerably. I had go start working back at rosebud hotel for the summer because i have 6-8 weeks
off with no pay which is a pain especially with Coby's child care closed down for 2 weeks. I'M SO LUCKY THAT I HAVE CHRIS!
My nephew had Nits on Tuesday so i got some really funny candid pic's of Bailey and Coby in the bath pretending to have Santa's beard. Ofcourse Coby had to have a shower cap on the same as bailey. (Coby on the left Bailey on the right)
Well off to finish this LO i have been working on new SEI 'Such a Boy' papers LOVE EM.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


I have been meaning to set up a blog for months now and i have finally decided to take the plunge and do it.

The name...welcome to my world, is probably one of my most used catch phrases and how appropriate for a blog title.

I don't know if my world is exciting enough for people to want to read but we will see i guess.

My weekend has been flat out.

Had dinner with Terry and Bec on Friday night. It was lovely. I gets me to thinking about how this amazing craft of scrapbooking can allow you to be creative but above all else it lets you meet some amazing people and if your as lucky as me make some cherished friends.

Although I'm so sad that Terry has closed the doors to her unique scrapbooking shop...
crop-till-ya-drop, but it is wonderful to see her moving on into a new stage in her life.

I feel a little lost without being able to crop and teach there but there is another unique little scrapbooking boutique close buy that I'm sure will allow me to scratch my scrapping itches.

I helped Terry with her garage sale on Saturday, i think the heat kept people away which was a bit unfortunate. Then i came home and couched i love to couch especially if Coby isn't home, make the most of the peace and quiet! The picked Coby and his Nan up from Frankston after their trip to the city. He is one busy little boy.

Then after hanging out at mums house i came home did all of the house things Mum's do and then sat down at 9:30 and scrapped.

The new office/scrap room is awesome but having trouble getting inspired. I shocked myself by creating a LO in 2 hours, I'm pretty happy with it, very basic that's my style at the moment and I'm running with it :-). I'm creating an album for Nic and Dan to celebrate the birth of baby Owen. I love this photo.

Can't wait till Monday when it cools, I'm just not a patient person in the heat. Went to the Beach today relieved some of the irritability. Coby had a ball with Bailey I'm sure it will build up his confidence in the water.

Maybe I'll scrap tonight...maybe watch more of my greys anatomy season 2 DVD. . . only 17 more episodes to go.

till next time