Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LOve this shot

Who were the hottest couple at the races?
Well if you ask me then the answer is below
How brown am I!
It was such an awesome day.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Can you see the resembelance?
It was dressup day at kinder today for Coby and he didn't wanna go as an ordinary pirate...he had to be Jack Sparrow!
He looked so cool and was ready for kinder an hour early

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

sorry again guys here are my 365 day shots for 2 weeks.
ill do my best to post them more frequently. . . .
Friday 12th October

With bag in hand ready to go to the paperiffic expo.

Sat 13th October

I love these earingsSunday 14th october

Makeup...what would i do without it. Went to DFO today with Kellie and spent way too much but had a great day....of course i did kellie is just so much fun to hand out with!Monday 15th october Kicking back on my bed after workTuesday 16th october
Coby almost always has a sandwich for breakfast on creche and kinder days and it always has to have straz, chicken meat or ham on it, unless we abandon breakfast at home all together and stop at bakers delight on the way.Wednesday 17th october. Love my wednesdays off and love my $5 necklace i bought from DFO Thursday 18th October

I have these lying around my house everywhere and i always keep them and never use all.
Friday 19th October....Caulfield cup eve..... Do you like my new necklace.

Saturday 20th October CAULFIELD CUP DAY YAY.

Ronelle, Michelle and I. Sober at this stage

Then a little drunk! See Chris' head in the background!

Sunday 21st October when i woke up today my feet were killing me and they looked like this.......SPRAY TANS!

Monday..still recovering from caulfield cup i took the day off . My phone died on saturday and i replace it with this groovy one. It is pink and it helps support breast cancer. LOVE ITTuesday 23rd October Bought myself a cuttle is so cool.Wednesday 24th October MY addiction...gel pens on my LO's.


i enrolled coby into pre prep at hastings primary today 1 hour after i found out they were introducing the program for the first time next year. What a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders.Thursday 15th October...Gotta love a million little things, deliver in 1 week from the us and super cheap prices. Friday 26th october Im my scrapping room before i leave for work.saturday 27th October Washing to be folded...yuckSunday 27th October I wore these out last night and surprisingly they didn't hurt as much as they did for caulfield, i love them more now that i know i can wear them ***note to self *** a few wines takes away the pain of cool shoes that hurt feet! Feeling a little hung over today too many drinks were mixed last night and i should have listened to the little voice that says GO HOME before i entered the last pub. :(Monday 29th October Loving the new james patterson book Double Coss, they are my ultimate favorite booksTuesday 30th October...yes they are red eyes you see. Why you ask? lets just say whenever things been to be going really good someone always seems to shit me.
Ok i won't leave you with a miserable picture.

How sweet. . . . this is what gets me through the bad times. (no the photo isn't portrait he actually has his head on the side. LOVE HIM!

Ill post some LO tomorrow i have a few to share.

Bye all.

Pleaseeeeeee leave a comment out there all you blog stalkers. If there is more than 15 comments i will give a RAK away! Go on do it!

Friday, October 19, 2007


***News from Fireside crafts***

Fireside Crafts is having a 20% off sale on our already cheap paper kits and all other scrapbooking products. Because our prices are already below the RRP that means you're getting somewhere between 20-30% off. In actual fact, our Candlelit Kits are almost at wholesale price! The only products not on sale are the Wizard die cutter and spellbinder dies. It's 'first come first serve' and once the products are sold out they won't be replaced. To be honest with you, there's not that much in stock

Thanks a lot,
What other reason do you need?
Come on ladies, we all love a bargain!

Fireside crafts KIT 5............

have a look at these layouts i have created using the 5th kit from fireside crafts
Yes your right more little O photos. (sorry about the glare) Close up
This LO has a lot of dimension. Some of the strips have 3d dots under them as do the circles and arrows. Im having lots of fun adding dimension to my LO's.
Close up.She is a nice girl my Pip! her ear does the crazy flip over thing, and has done it since she was a puppy, it is just her thing !

I got this great gel pen the other day and i have had a ball playing with it. See all the little dot's. the pen goes on so easy and that is very difficult to find in a white gel is a card i created
This is a lo i had a ball doing. I have had these Zoo photos in my stash since january and when i saw the papers and the photo's together i was so glad i had waited. I am addicted to scallpoes atm but i figured you have already guessed that.And a close up.....another addiction doodling i love my gel pens and i find myself doodling on every Lo that i create.

dont forget to go to the fireside website and order a kit.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

365 Day Photos

hay there everyone
i am trying my best to be a better blogger
here are the latest 365 day photo's

Sunday> Dishes YUCK

Monday> Home from work

Tuesday> BREAKFAST ??????????

i don't usually have breakfast so some mornings i force myself to have a slice of vegemite on toast

Wednesday> MY prepaid Bopo visa arrived today and i had it personalised how cool is that and it is based on the idea of an account you only put your own money into but you can use it online or over the phone like a visa. You can even send and SMS to find out your balance. check it out here

Thursday> Feeling really flat today.:(

ok that's all.

might see some of you at the paperific expo tomorrow.


Ruey ill be waiting in a corner for my fix wink wink

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

hay there

I received a call last week to say that i have been accepted as a Guest DT member for

make sure you check it out there is a forum and a shop. Maria is lovely and is in the middle of setting up a new website and ironing out some glitches.


In work news i finally resigned from the 'job from hell' and i have 3 days of worked booked already for next week. YAY. I also have a job interview next tuesday for a child care centre in mornington which sounds great 3 days a week with 9am starts. COULD THINGS BE LOOKING UP FOR ME.

All i need to do now is sort out coby's school for next year and i might be able to relax a little more.


Also a belated congratulations to bree and chris and zavier on the bitrh of little twinnies Lilly and india last tuesday the 2nd october. TAKE A LOOK

This is Lillie who was 5 pound 5

And this is India who was 6 pound 6.

how sweet are they and what a great size for twins.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Some Lo to share

I have been looking here recently and was inspired to play with some lo in 6X12 format. It was a nice change and allowed me to have a little play. I am thinking of creating a mini album with Lo all this size.
I used the cherry art papers on this Lo and some thickers i have been hording as well as some new BG hip chip letters. Then i created this using the new elsie papers and some bella chipboard. I started with the left over brown 6x12 paper and punched the scallops shape into the side them just went with it. My scrapping style at the moment really makes me feel like i am creating rather than spending 4 hours procrastinating about creating a perfect LO. The photo is of coby and i in marysville in august.Again with the elsie papers i wanted to follow the theme of the papers and do a 'home' LO. especially because we will be moving out soon and i have NO photo's of our house. This LO has been sitting in my scrap room unfinished for 3 weeks i tend to put a LO together then just leave it sitting waiting to be embellished and stuck down.

I also created some gift bags at scrap and chat at paper doll on thursday. I had fun with them but was over it by the time i got to the 3rd bag. I will be forwarding these to the winners of the pay it forward RAK.

That all for now. It feels good to be caught up with my blog posting.
on the work front i finally resigned and it feels good especially when i got a call from the agency today and i am booked 3 days for next week YAY. Maybe things are looking up for me.
thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment i so wanna see who is stalking my blog and making that counter on the right of my page go up and up.
untill next time

Friday, October 5, 2007

Lots of 365 day shots to share

Saturday 15th september This is my new eyeshadow. i finally found one i like YAY

Sunday 16th september making my Curried sausages. It is definitely my favorite thing to cook. You can't go past winter comfort food.
Monday 17th september .Just me in my work clothes in my office.
Tuesday 18th september. Went to bonkers tupperware party. I am a bit in love with tupperware atm! maria the consultant is trying to get me to become a consultant...hum!
Wednesday 19th september. went shopping today!

Thursday 20th september started a new job really isn't the best idea i have had without going into too much detail. I am going to give it 2 weeks and see if it is any better.Friday 21st September My RAK arrived from Vita. How sweet is it!saturday 22nd september. chris' boss gave us a voucher to stay at the casino in a promenade corner room. the view was great and the night was awesome. (apologies to jody for the shot of chris and i kissing i know you think it is gross, i promise you it didn't go further!)

Look closely at chris eyebrow! YES his idiot mates shaved it the other week when chris was drunk and passed out. they do it at least every 6 months they need to grow up if you ask me.

Sunday 23rd september looking out the window of our room at the casino. It was so great just to hand out and have a night to ourselves.Monday 24th september

This is me hugging my new cushions that came with my new doona cover from ADAIRS. SEE BELOWI love having my bedroom looking all feminine and romantic. I love having pink in my bedroom as well. Tuesday 25th september here is coby and i at the melbourne show. We had an awesome day all except for the trains being cancelled and having to catch a tram from the showgrounds to flinders street station standing up with coby on a packed tram. :( Coby was sleeping standing up, only a male could possibly do that!

Wednesday 26th september Yep it is my hand i was having a bad everything day today!Thursday 27th september this is my grandmas necklace. I just love love love it and i miss her so much. Friday 29th september im EXHAUSTED! this job. . . . no im not enjoying it. don't really wanna go into too much detail but it is definitely a 2 out of 10 as far as child care centres i would like to be a part of. There are so many young enthusiastic girls working here that have no idea what kind of centres are out there. SIGH.Saturday 29th september GRAND FINAL DAY it was awesome couldn't pick a favorite shot so here is me posing and kellie and i really drunk. (i know you have seen them all but I'm just keeping the order.)Sunday 30th September we went to rove live tonight. extremely hung over but it was a good night. i was happy when we got to bed though.
Monday 1st October. Wow where has the year gone? stopped into paper doll to chat with wendy today. A bit of scrap therapy. Then home to organise my scrap room and then i visited terry. YAY she is back and is looking awesome.
Here is pip and i.Tuesday 2nd october. It is definitely thong weather. Love my havianas thongs. I bought coby a camo print pair today. He needs to get his thong walking skills back for the summer. Wednesday 3rd october . Feeding Pip another everyday task we all have to do. (i do feed her more than once a day though!)
thursday 4th october. i wagged work today because well....I HATE IT AND I AM RESIGNING. I have been put into a position too many times that could cause alot of problems for me in the long term if accidents were to happen. here i am looking in the classifieds.

Friday 5th october. Look at the washing i need to do. just one of the daily routine tasks that i hate. ill do it tomorrow.saturday 6th october. We all have to shower right. well i can't function without having my morning shower. it is the first thing i do every morning i never walk around in my pj's

well that was a mission i will stay up to date from now on. thanks for sticking with me.

ill post some LO tomorrow i have a few to share.