Friday, July 27, 2007

9 days of 365 day photo's...yes im slack i know!

Ok here are my photos starting last thursday, here is pip and i. she's such a nice girl.

Ok here is fridays.....dressing up. this is coby's taco bill hat
saturday i bought a new beanie, perfect for my bad hair days.
:( had drinks with mel, she left for grease (S?) on tuesday and has arrived safe. she is so ace.
Ok tilt your head for this one. shadow.and you have all seen this with the Love elsie Riley products.
wednesday. . . . . Yes it's the back of my headOk tilt again . . . . . . this is pip and i sitting on my couch with my pyjamas on waiting for lost t start. . . . it was awesome!
and todays friday i love my mobile.
Ok i have been busy scrappig so ill post some lo tomorrow be sure to stop by.

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Katie Toland said...

Wow, you are busy! I have to say I want your couch, looks very comfy. I'm very excited cos I get to get my hands on little Owen tomorrow. Yipee, can't wait to meet the little cutie.

Your layouts are sensational as always.