Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy birthday to ME!

hay there it's my birthday and guess what i am doing it's 5:30 pm and i am drinking wine in front of the laptop and i love it. Coby is at his dad's house and im waiting to be picked up for dinner with the girls YAY.

<<<<<<<<>I have had a great day coby has had my pressies hidden since monday night and didn't even spoil the surprise. I got 2 pandora beads from chris and coby ,(a giraffe and my birth symbol) and 3 off my mum (2 small spacers and a pink CZ bead) LOVE LOVE pandora.

I also kept coby home from creche today because he was so excited and went and had lunch with nicola and little owen at the grand hotel in mornington, it was so nice.

I also saw connie, katie and deb fuller in mornington which was nice to say hi.

here are my photos from this week,
sat (chris asleep and me pretending)

sun (me with scraf weird 'head')

monday (sunnies)

You know what you need to do Christie? Totally indulge in all of your favourite things ... take out, girlie movies, apple pie and ice cream for dinner, sleeping with the dog and buy yourself a special treat for your birthday. Well, that's what I would do!Cheer up and have a happy day tomorrow.Cheers,Pip
thanks for the advice pip

i have eaten out for tea, eaten better than apple pie....mum home made pizza, slept with the dog, lots of re runs of greys anatomy and you forgot to add wine. so yes pip your advice was great thanks babe. ill make you a little owl and send it your way just need your postal details.
i also have a LO to share. it is of my 5yo nephew bailey he had a ball with mum's camera one night and i couldn't resist scraping the photos.thanks to everyone for you kind comments about chris' absence. im doing ok, especially knowing it will be all over soon. the comments were much appreciated.thanks for hanging out with me
love christie


Leeanne O'C said...

hbty hbty hb dear Christy hbty.
Hope you've had a fabulous day.

leeanne x

Jody said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have a great night, and good to see you had a great day.

27 Hugs and Kisses.

mich said...

Happy Birthday to you, Christie! Those pressies look lovely. Hope you had a wonderful day! :) :)

connie said...

hay.. you didnt tell me it was your BIRTHDAY!!!..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!... love all your pressie's!!

good to run into you also.. we need to have a scrap day soon...

ps.. loving your 365 photos.. you are just too cute...

Sofi said...

Happy belated Birthday Christie! Hope you had a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hey great pressies, at least I did get the birthday right, I hope that you enjoyed your day, we will have to have a drink for your special day.
Talk soon
Love Deb Ross

Katie Toland said...

I didn't know it was your birthday! Ooooowwww, I wish I'd wished you a happy day! HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY! Your pressies look great. Lucky girl huh.

Have a great weekend. Keep warm
xx k

Anonymous said...

You also didn't mention to me that you were having a birthday soon when we caught up Chris.

Happy Belated Birthday hun. Looks as though you were spoiled and had some great fun.

Can't wait to catch up again soon