Friday, June 29, 2007

If i was a SUPER HERO i would be...........

You Are Buffy the Vampire Slayer

"We saved the world. I say we have to party."

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

help me

hay ladies
I have been looking to buy the 52 scrapbooking challenges book for a while now but i can't quite justify spending the $50 + australian to buy it. My birthady is in 2 week's and i was going to spoil myself but spending that much on a book is an unreaalistic purchase atm. Is there anyone out there who would like to sell a second hand copy or know where to buy one that is cheaper than that.
Leave me a comment if you can

Todays you so much right now ruey.......the clock is ticking untill 1:15 when coby is at kinder and i can get my greys anatomy fix.............YAY

At peace with my scrap style

Here are my recent photos for the 365 day challenge The first photo is of me in my office where most of the photo's of me are taken..that's when i remember The second photo is of my ugg boots...i Love them but need new ones, they just aren't as warm as they used to be The third photo is of me last night after work very happy to have my laptop back and fixed.The fourth and today's photo is of Coby and me. He gives the best smooches.

For a few months now i have been stressing a little about my scrapping. Why don't my Lo get picked up to be published, should i cram more embellishments onto a page, should i mix suppliers papers when i scrap more often, should i use more hand journaling, are my photo's good enough.......................and so on.

NOW i have come to the realisation that my style is my style and and that is simply the way it is. So i have just been scrapping happily and amazingly putting Lo together in approx and hour or two then looking at it the next day and finishing it off and to tell you the truth i am enjoying it more than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!who would have thought? :)

So here is one of the recent Lo i have scrapped fairly quick for me and i LOVE it.

I actually created this Lo for a challenge on the Scenic Route Website they have monthly challenges and this month's is using the background papers. Wish me luck.

thanks for popping in


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Photo Challenge and Fireside Crafte Twice burnt Kit

Well here are some very rare photo's of me!
Why you ask?
The lovely pip prosser has started a 365 day photo challenge. The idea is to take a photo of yourself every day for a year. These photos don't have to be of you head they can be of any part of you. Are you up for it?

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3
Yeah know i know they aren't of my head but hay there are no rules remember and i will take advantage of that.

I love this scarf i bought if for my grandma about 6 years ago when in true grandma style she saw my one and needed to have one too. She was so like that, she needed to have everything she and had to have these things yesterday. HUM this is my daily struggle........i miss her more than i could have ever imagined......crying now......this post was not supposed to be sad. But i haven't expressed this at all ever......2 and a half years and it harder than ever. Well she is close by today keeping me warm! :(

So hard when you put together a post then add photo's add extra comments and then you have feelings you didn't think would occur and then want the post to flow.

So below is what i was gunna post but seems odd now.

Ok here is the second Fireside crafts Kit...TWICE BURNT! The kit is choc full of goodies there is a main kit (first photo) and an accessory kit(second photo).

Here are my DT LO.

there is one more and ill add it later.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

strap yourself in . . . i have lots of LO to share!

Yes i know it is late but here are some Lo and an inspirations book i created at the remember when retreat last weekend.

I love this little inspiration book. I have embellished the cover inside cover and the back and the back cover.

Close up of the coverThe inside cover where i will copy down quotes (bit blury...sorry) The back inside cover where i will write title ideas and sketch Lo ideas. I thought it would be an easier reference to set it up this way so i can find the quotes and title ideas seperate.

This Lo came to be at about 3 in the morning when i was looking through the autumn leaves TEXT book...its so awesome and inspiring. Im really into Lo's with clean simple lines at the moment.I love this pic of coby at the beach toes in the sand.
Another pic from the beach this is of coby and jamie(jody's son) Once again a simple Lo and this was the 1st Lo i created for the weekend. It was so good having jody's sewing machine there it is such and awesome machine that i used it on almost all of my LO.
I just love this LO used the junkits extreme boy transperancy ribbon and one of the tiles (thanks for sharing jody) I had wanted to use the heidi journelling spots like this from the moment i saw them i was just waiting for a photo to match and this one surely does.
The title reads....I LOVE YOU everyday.

Sorry about the photo of this one i accidently erased the better one. You can't really see all of the doodling on the Lo but i drew the arrows and he circles around the photos and used coloured pencils to colour it in. LOVE these photos of coby. I used american crafts foam thickers for the YOU and 4 they look so good im totally addicted to buying them.
I know a girl LO! I got a friend to email me photos of his baby girl Zayah she is so cute. I really enjoyed creating this Lo and the Heidi swapp Lge photo corner just makes it.
Another Lo of zayah. Wendy from Paper doll gave me these papers on the day before i left for the retreat a just had to use them with the photo's of Zayah. they are all double sided and there are 4 ranges with about 8 papers in each range. they are EK success ...stacy claire boyd and there are also some awesome green, blue and brown papers in the series too. I layered the flowers once i mounted them on chipboard, a bit of sewing, many many diamontes and lot's of scalloped edges. Love the heidi damask sticker and the lil davis chip frames.
I also created a card with some of tthe left overs. Wendy and paper doll also gave me the buttons to use they are so sweet. Love the chipboard butterfly from deluxe designs (plain Jane's). I am also very addicted to the carolees creations letter stickers they are so convenient to use.

So all in all the weekend was very productive.Ill post more Lo for the 2nd fireside crafts Kit take a look the link is in the side bar >

Thanks for stopping bye and please keep leaving comments love reading them and it helps with my curiosity because i have had so many visitors in the past few months i like to know why you all are.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Guess Who?

Yes we had a ball!
Ill upload some lo tomorrow.
car is at home..........thanks dad.

Friday, June 8, 2007

My Beautiful Girl

Pippa has had another visit to Groomingdales. Phillis has setup a blog take a look at her salon it is so cute, not a traditional grooming salon.

Pippa came home with her usual bows in her hair but one special added extra . . . . . . . . . . . . . . How cute is her little scarf. Phillis made them herself she even hand sew a little paw onto one end of the scarf. SOOOOO SWEET.

Sorry about the red eye she doesn't usualy look that spooky
Check out the Groomingdales blog and make sure you leave a comment Phillis is new to all of this blog stuff and would be so amazed to hear from you all.

Well after the events that occurred in the start of the week i would like to say that things have gotten better...................well not really.

Chris called on Wednesday from mount bulla and told me how a Crane truck had collapsed and fallen on the chalet he was working on and the large hook at the end had swung around to where they were working 5minutes before and would have taken them out if they were still on that same balcony. Chris was i the building but ran onto another balcony and was safe at the opposite end of the house. Then they realised that the keys to the van and Chris co-workers wallet were stuck in the chalet in the tool bag so they had no cash and no way to get off the mountain.

Then Chris calls to tell me that he had a few can's of 'courage' and ran in to retrieve the bag with the keys and wallet. INTELLIGENT?

Well at least he came home a night early so that was a nice surprise.

I heard from the guy at the panel beaters yesterday and i have to pay the $1500 excess. SHIT

Then he called today and after i told him that i cant pay the excess until next Friday. He then mentioned that he can't give me my car until i pay the excess, this is what head office has told him to do.....WHAT. What makes things worse is that he wants the shitty loan car back because it has a broken headlight and is now UN-roadworthy. SO I WILL HAVE NO CAR FOR A WEEK.

Sorry to all the polite blog stalkers out there but that is BULL SHIT.

So i have done what all girls should do................I have given the loan car to my dad :). It is in his hands now. Thanks Donny.

I hate the way these middle aged tradesmen can think that all women or young women are idiots and have on idea and no ability to stick up for themselves. Especially when cars are involved.WANKERS

Of course i not going to just be polite and agree with his terms, he has no right to hold my car when it is an insurance job and he has already been paid for that job and this is a separate matter. WANKER

So i have told my dad that he isn't to leave without a car tomorrow and if i have to drive the shitty loan car next week i will drive to the police station and ask then to put an 'unroad worthy' sticker on it. COP THAT WANKERS.

Ok the most important thing is that i have only cried once about all of this and that is pretty good for me! Being over emotional and all.

Well i promise the next blog will be nice and cheery and be full of LO because tomorrow morning i am off to the remember when scrapbook retreat YAY. I have big plans for the weekend i aim for at least 5 Layouts completed. Wish me luck.

Thanks for all of your comments on the last post.



Tuesday, June 5, 2007


well when it rains it pours apparently................ Chris is in mount buller until Wednesday after i have seen him a total of approx 12 hours (awake) since last Tuesdays.........we had a fight before he left and i felt i had to make up because we was leaving the next morning.............Chris wont be back till Friday now so i will see him for about 5 hours because i am going away for the weekend.......... NO Theres more bad luck coming.......Coby now has gastro...will it ever apparently not.....I'm driving a courtesy car because mine is getting fixed and i hate it...........more bad luck..............i ran up the back of someone today in the courtesy car..............minimal damage to it but the other lady looks like she needs a whole new gets even worse..............the hire car has a $1500 EXCESS!

Bring on tomorrow!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Lots of inspiration and some layouts

I have been inspired to create lately and i think it has a lot to do with this lady's blog...PIP PROSSER
Her double layouts are amazing even though i never do doubles i still find alot of inspiration from her cut and paste layouts.
Also have a look HERE
GI Gi kenedy has some amazing Lo as well instant inspiration!

TADA here are my 2 most recent LO

These photos were taken in January 2007 at the rosebud carnival. Coby just loves the dodgem cars. I have been using scenic route ALOT so my challenge is to move away from scenic route and experiment with other suppliers more.i think it's just the bold colours scenic route use and they are just so easy to use when scrapping boys.

I just love this BAM POP paper it was really easy to work with and matched so well with these beach photos of Coby ad Jody's son Jamie. I added the brads at the last minute just to lift it a little more.

I created this Lo a little while ago and i am not sure if i like it or not.
I used the jenny boulin papers i got from Paper doll scrapbook boutique about 2 months ago. I also used a stencil to create the semi circle and sewed the tear drop shapes with matching thread to the machine stitching that i used for the border for the small sheets of paper. I just love love this photo of coby and know it will be one that will be scrapped again.

I taught my first class in months on Thursday night at Paper Doll and it was great the girls were all fantastic to teach and can you believe it 9 people attended. It was great to see the ladies madly cutting the scalloped edges, sorry again ladies.(there were some sore fingers by the end of the night.
I was also interesting to hear the very loud reluctance to doodle on the pages, lots of the 'students' decided to purchase rubbons to use instead and some ladies also took photos of the book to copy the doodles at home. It was so much fun. Can't wait to teach again at the end of June. have a look on the paper doll blog for class information...see link in the side bar.

I would also like to say thank you to all of the people who have commented on my blog especially about my health. I am feeling heaps better now mainly thanks to the multi vitamins i am on and the inner health plus capsules that i take daily.

thanks for visiting my world and don't forget to leave a comment i love reading them just as much as blog stalking and i have been doing that alot lately!