Monday, February 2, 2009

Lots of Lo to share

Hay there anyone who still visits..........there is no excuse for not posting so ill just make up for it with lots of pages, projects and photos.
The annual photo with santa...i just love the blue back ground...better than red if you ask me.

My beloved christmas tree...wish i could have it up all year............................still oving the pink and green colour combo

Things have been pretty busy but still no excure i havnt been doing that much scrapping lately here are my latest 3 pages...well besides my BUZZ AND BLOOM pages.

You might have seen some of these before but here they are anyway.

Here are some peeks of my december Buzz and bloom work check out the blog for full pics...i made it ontothe DT for another year which is fantastic.

And a peek of one of my 2009 buzz and bloom DT projects......once again full picks available it the buzz and bloom blog.

I created a quick invite for my friend ronelles baby shower.....

Ill be back to share some photos of our summer holidays and share more of what has been happening in the last few months.
leave a comment so i know its worth while sharing all this with you all.
:) christie


Friday, December 5, 2008

Hay there everyone is there anyone out there that still visit here?

I have been busy with the buzz and bloom dt and engagement parties and work and chris working lat and well just life in general and now with christmas just around the will get busyier and busyier (sp?).

I created this page for the october buzz and bloom product release i used the acrylic fat albert alpha, the acrylic fruit salad and the chipboard lava lamp strip. All new release products.

Acrylic fruit salad

White acrylic Fat alber alpha

Chipboard Lava lamp strip

Im going to share my pages from the last few months then do a catch up post. I really wanted to add more to this page but not sure what thought i would shatre it anyway

My pandora.....................Pretty much full and i love it.

Im trying to catch up on scrapping the very frew photos i have takn this year especially cobys school pics.

to admit i did enyjoy it. Love the Basic grey alpha

Ill be back soon with lots of pics and a better catch up post :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

have you seen the new buzz and bloom products . . . . .

They are fantastic. Helene and Divorah have out done themselves this time with a new release of products for spring. They were released at paperiffic on Friday and the response was fantastic. We all love the chipboard creations Buzz and Bloom have designed well now they have released a whole range of coloured acrylic embellishments, alphas and book covers. Here are a few sneek peeks of some of the products that i have used.

I was very excited to have some of my own designs accepted for the spring release.
Here they are.

Skip to my Lou journeling block

Journeling block apples

I turned them into a mini book for the launch.

Acrylic Fruit Salad

Skip to my lou man and woman available in a wide range of coloured acrylics

I'm having such a wonderful time on the Buzz and Bloom DT they are currently calling for 2009 DT members I'm trying out again hope i make it a second year in a row.

WOW it was so amazing being Sarah's support person for the birth of little Caitlyn Melissa Heron. Sarah was so brave and it all went so quick she ended up having a Caesar after 90 minutes of contractions and the baby's head not engaging properly...her first labor was 36 hours and she ended up having a Caesar anyway there was no way i was going to let that happen to her again so i got in the nurses ear as soon as they thought she might need a Caesar and within half an hour Baby Caitlyn was delivered.

It was amazing and i was so grateful to be there for Sarah. We have been friends for 16 years and she was there for Coby's birth and it was so wonderful sharing the experience with her.

Does anyone still visit my neglected blog?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I HAVE NEWS..........................

Sorry it has been so long in between posts!
Life is just flat out at the monent but i do have some awesome news to share.................

Chris and i had the most romantic weekend for our 5 year anniversary. We stayed in stkilda at the Urban hotel where we have stayed for our first date and also for our 3 year anniversary. It has a king size bed and a double spa at the end of the bed. the Hotel is amazing it is about 6 years old and so modern.

We got there at 4 and went for a walk up Fitzroy st then sat and had a yummy dinner. Then we headed off on a tram for the footy to see hawthorn. It was great game. then we walked back to flinders street and Chris insisted we go on a ride on a horse and carriage. CHRIS NEVER INSISTS ON ANYTHING!!!!!! So off we go in the back of a horse and carriage. Then Chris and i start chatting about how much we love each other and he pulls out this


It was sooo sweet and so romantic without being too cheesy. We then caught a tram back to the hotel and had a spa and well................................ :)

The next morning we got up had another spa and had breaky at out hotel and the had a walk around the city.

It was a perfect weekend and i just feel like the luckiest person i know.....I'm so excited.

One thing that has surprised me is that we are planning a wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was happy to have a long engagement but Chris is happy to get married on out 6 year anniversary next year. I'm happy to go along with that. We think we have already decided on a venue for the engagement party and the wedding and it is only Tuesday!

It is so awesome to be moving onto this new stage in Chris and my relationship and Chris is really excited and I'm not used to seeing him like that so it is wonderful i just can't wipe the smile off of my face.

Ill leave this post here and ill be back this week with some lo's and some cards.

thanks for stopping by

christie :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I just had to share this............

I was looking on eBay for dog collars and came across the cutest Dog jumpers from the UK i ordered 2 and ended up paying $33.80 Australian dollars. What great value have a look at the petitude online store here
Chuck isn't the biggest fan of his new jumper but he will get used to it. Great photos to scrap!

Have you been visiting the Buzz and Bloom Blog? I have a new post that will be uploaded on Wednesday just a few cards i have made here is a peek.
I am thoroughly enjoying being on the buzz and bloom DT the products are fantastic and I'm waiting on some new release products. Let me give you a hint.......they aren't all chipboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck was sitting having a rest on my desk last night he was so cute well that was until i started painting and he started barking at my paintbrush....well his version of a bark anyway :) And now as i try to type he is up on my desk with me again barking and attacking my hands. Gotta Love playful Puppy's.

That's all for now from Chuck and I
Bye :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well we finally have Chuck at home with us.
I picked him up on thursday and he has been so good, toilet training is challenging we are ontop of it making sure we take him to his training absorbant pads when he needs to 'go'. He has had only 2 #1 accidents on the carpet and that is just because we havn't gotten to him in time. It is just too cold and wet to be toilet training him for outside being that he is soo timy.
Night times are a bit of a pain he was in with chris and i for the first 2 nights then in his dog carrier on my bedside table last night. I had to keep putting my hand in through the zip of the carrier so he could feel me then when he was settled moving it out. I am up with him 2 or 3 times a night for the toilet. Yes hard work but so worth it.
I can imagine you all thinking . . .harder than a newborn baby i can imagine you all thinking but it really isnt.

We decided not to make him sleep in the laundry bacause we are spending so much time hugging him all day it's not fair to just dump him in the laundry of a night......that's not fair on him. His little bark is so cute sounds like a squeeky toy and he has been having fun chewing chris' arm and hand and he seems to like snuggling riht up in my neck......he really likes hair.
My house feels like a home again no longer empty. Yes i still think about Pip every day and i have to admit when i had Chuck in my arms after i pucked him up i did shed a few tears. I know he will never be the Dog pip was and that is ok he is CHUCK a sweet cuddly boy puppy with a very timid personality.

OK here are some Photos...i cant wait to scrap them.

until next time

:) christie

ps does anyone still read my blog????????????? be sure to leave a comment.....please i wanna know whos visiting from all over the world?