Tuesday, July 17, 2007

girls night out.

here is fridays photo. i have always driven one handed mum hates it but it's just the way i drive.

On saturday wedecided to pick up chris' dog from his mum and dad's house so he could come and have a play with pippa.

So here is pippa looking up at the camera she is just so sweet. she loved playing with deegan who is about 4 times the size of her and 4 times as dumb. He got a little bit annoyed when we would sniff her and there were a couple of times that he got over excited and stood on her. Degan also cocked his leg on me when i was trying to get some photo's of pip until chris yelled and he quickly put his leg down......lucky. pretty funny though.
i have to admit degan is easier to take photo's of than pip is.

The girls night out so saturday night went really well. here is me with mel who is going to greese for well, we don't exactly know, she has a one way ticket and doesn't plan to be home for a few years. This is me with mel and this is my saturday photo. I was a bit drunk!
The night was awesome with everyone attending. We went to taco bills for dinner and many many drinks and then to the bay in mornington and then to the cruze club in mornington which i have a very vague recollection of. :) We left at about 1:30 because (quoting sarah and nic) "we were the oldest chicks in the joint!"

Ok here is a group shot of us girls

starting from the back from left to right kellie, me, danielle, mel, nic (front)sarah, ronelle and michelle. We all went to school together from year seven besides kellie who came at year 12 and fitted in because we all were in love at some point with her brother and michelle who is ronelles little sister. It was such a good night what i remember anyway. Sunday morning was a different story, woke up feeling crap so chris took coby to do work stuff and i slept till 1:30. HE IS THE BEST.

Here is sunday's photo, i was feeling better by the afternoon.

It was chris' birthday on monday the big 25 so we celebrated with some ice cream cake and taco's for tea. a nice quiet night.

Well i better go Chris just arrived home and he is taking me out to a secret location for dinner. I hate secrets but im coping knowing there will be some yummy food at the end.
ill post some more 365 day photo's tomorrow.

also on an exciting note jody and i went and picked up our new fireside crafts kits today so i will be 'igniting my creativity' all weekend.
just to tease you there is lots of lil davis, some heidi, some dream street papers, some scenic route , some scrap fx, some jenny bowlin and some we r memory keepers. Stay tuned or follow the link in the side bar as im sure the kit will be posted soon.


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