Monday, January 29, 2007

wow it's been a while!

Just a quick post to share a LO

I started this Lo at home, then played with it some more at Jody's house then finished it last week. I'm pretty happy with it.

I hate to admit it but currently i have 5 1/2 finished LO's. Is that bad?

I have been to busy that i haven't had a chance to do much scrapping just throw some ideas around. I have also decided to try out for the Paper doll Design team. This has lots of projects but i am looking forward to getting them done. I have almost completed the 3x3inch mini book and i love it. Lots of craft paper, large Heidi flowers, Heidi papers and heaps of doodling.I'm so addicted to scalloped edges and raw chipboard as well at paper bag card stock. Just can't get enough.
I finished at the pub last Friday and i am in 2 minds about it! I miss the social side of it, and the different environment but i don't miss working nights! I'm thinking about working over Easter and maybe some other days just to get some extra cash. Chris should get his pay rise soon and then in September he will be qualified and then here come the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. He started his electrician apprenticeship when we had only been seeing each other for 2 months so it has been a bit tough but managable. He keeps reminding me that things will be different when he is the 'bread winner', i hope that doesn't mean that i have yo start vacuuming? Hopefully my the end of this year we will have some progress to building our own home something to look forward to.

I started my new job today, setting up the room for the new little kiddies, i will be a but of a shock taking the back seat and being an assistant but i love the kindergarten system and it's a welcome change. Jason (the teacher, yes a male) is OK he like his things done his way and is very anal and authorative. It will be Interesting! He's treating me a little like i have no idea about anything but once i find my feet and 'prove' myself' it will be all good.

Coby starts kinder next week, the has grown up soo quick.

It seemed like only yesterday this photo was taken of me holding him in my arms only hours old. What a sweet baby boy he was (during the day).
Still i don't see my mind changing about having more children. Im constantly told that this will change but he is 4 now shouldn't it have changed already? My sister seems to think it's a bit selfish as Chris is not Coby's Dad and he will want to be a dad some day but i guess we will talk about that when Chris is ready to be a Dad but for now, one child is just fine.
Off the look at my new Feb FK or watch Lost season 2, I'm catching up before it starts next week and I'm so glad i have decided to there are so many things that i have forgotten

Thanks for visiting i promise i will post more often...oh by the way sent my scanned back and now i have a new one YAY.


Ruey said...

oh wow, what an absolutely stunning 'moments with you' layout!!! Love the beautiful colours in it and the mushy journalling just makes the layout.

Happy belated birthday to Cory too...what a big boy....a 4 year old kinderboy. Hope the headache is gone from your leg. I got a really good chuckle out of that one.

All the best for the Paperdoll DT application!! They would be crazy not to take you on...your style is fabulous!!

Take care and hope to catch up with you soon to scrap together!!!

Jody said...

Love the layout the colours go awesome together.

Can't wait to scrap again.