Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Too Hot to be working!

Yes it is too hot to be working in a hot pub. Started at 9:30 today and finished at 9:15 tonight. The power was out in Dromana so everyone had to come to the Rosebud hotel for tea. It's unbelievable how rude some holiday makers can be. Sorry about the whinge just wanted to be at the beach today instead.

It was Coby's birthday yesterday. Sunday night we took him to Taco Bills for tea....he loves their virgin margarita fish bowls.

These are my nephews Matty (right) 11 and Bailey (left) he's 5.

After much hinting the girl gave Coby a Taco Bill Sombrero.
To me birthdays need to be all about making the day special so Chris and i took coby to the zoo on Monday. It was a great day we got lots of close ups and some pretty good shots.

Coby loved the butterfly house. Got the great shot of the both of our hands. And this shot of Coby and the butterfly on his arm. Chris hates the pic of him. The gorillas were out as well got a real close up of the females and the silver back who came right up to the glass and turned is back to us all.

It was such a great day we just took out time and wandered around. Coby and i both slept on the drive home i just couldn't manage to keep my eyes open. Coby is such a lucky boy to have a Dad and an amazing father figure is his life. He just adores Chris and Chris just adores him.

We are having a 'beach party' at mum's house tomorrow it's her birthday so i will get some awesome pics before i have too much to drink:).

Ill leave you with this pic i took on Sunday morning when i had to leave for work this is what i had to leave behind.
It was very tempting to stay at home but a mum's gotta do what a mum's gotta do.Right? I'll have lots of pic's to scrap at Jody's house on Friday night. can't wait to catch up with the old CTYD girls.

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