Monday, February 12, 2007

Where have i where honestly!

well i am a bad blogger aren't i.

Just a quick post to share my recently published LO in Scrapbooking memories.This would have to be my most fave photo EVER. It's of my grandpa and i have no idea when it was taken.

Well new job.................................what can i say..................................looks like i will be resigning

Yes you heard me right. The quoted me the wrong hourly rate which is now a a $10 pay decrease from my last job and is very unrealistic for me at the moment. What will i do where will i go? Good question. Well after spending most of the weekend stressed out and in tears i have decided to just see what happens! For those of you that know me you would know that i really really like to be organised and know a week in advance at least when i am going so this amount of uncertainty is KILLING me. So i will probably return to Child Care either through the agency or a privately run centre? NOT ABC! Or maybe ever see if i could get my old job back as a sales consultant...who knows.

Well enough of that had a great evening at the beach with Jody and Jaymie the other week and thanks to 'Jody White Photography' I have some great pics to share and to scrap.

I had a great night scrappin at paper Doll on Friday night it was great to sit with a new group of people and chat. Feels a bit weird not doing it a CTYD but it will be great to go every once in a while. Been very busy working on my DT entries for paper doll and doing my best to finish my EDM lo's. Ill post some soon.

Thanks heaps for visiting my blog love getting your comments and just looking at everyone else's blog.




wendy said...

Hi Chris,
As hard as it was to make that decision, it probably will be for the best in the long run. At least you've made a decision and now you can start to move forward.

I checked out your LO in SM as soon as I got home at 12.50am after crop night. :) I love it, especially the journaling. TFS

Take care :)

connie said...

Hi Christie,

Love your layout in SM.. just finished reading and spotted your it!!!

Hope to catch you around PD again!! and good lukc with all the job stuff i hope it all works out for you...


judee d said...

Hi Christie, Just stumbled over your blogg from Ruey's blogg. Love your lo, then read down later and see Jodie White has taken the photo's love them, I decided to leave a comment then find that you also know Connie. Isn't it a small world. Three people that I also know. Wonder how many more we have in common. Scrapbooking is certainly very worldly.
Keep smiling and healthy