Monday, January 8, 2007

First published LO :)

I got my scrapbook creations mag today and I'm soo excited my first published LO.

Its on the contents page and page 93 in quick grabs. Yay. I am now a published scrapbooker.
Unfortunately the mag was printed very dull. The colours seem to look really washed out. While browsing check out Jodie's LO on page 99.
I ended up scamming Sunday night off which was great. Just had T at mum's house and came home and scrapped. I love just hanging out at mum's house. She is so great she is having coby a bit for me this week as Chris will be away 4 work and well how can i put it. . . . . . . .Coby's Dad is a pain in the BUM. Wont go there!

Well i finally loaded photo stitch on last night and now my scanner won't work again. I'm taking it back on Thursday to change it over. I have so many new LO to share.

Thought i would share this LO with everyone. It's very basic but it's one that i extremely important to me.

In 2005 my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer she took it really well especially after nursing and then loosing my grandmother a month before. She Had 2 large lumps in her left breast and began Chemotherapy almost immediately. After the chemo the lumps had reduced considerably which they think a trial drug had a lot to do with. She then had a Mastectomy 2 days before Christmas 2005 and then they told her that there were actually 3 lumps. They removed 15 lymph nodes and found cancerous cells in 5 of them which is really rare. 6 weeks After the procedure she began radio therapy which she had to have 5 days a week for 5 weeks driving herself from Hastings to monash Clayton. She then found out that she didn't qualify for the trial drug Herceptin which has been proven to reduce the chances of the cancer coming back by half. Which in mum's case was 25% as her oncologist had told her that she had a 50% chance of it returning. She was then told that she would have to pay 70,000 for the drug for 12 months but she may need it for 2 years. Mum didn't hesitate to get the finances for the medication and Began treatment. The next blow, because she had to pay for the treatment public hospitals wouldn't administer it so she had to pay a private hospital to administer it as she was no private health insurance. After 5 treatments the Herceptin has approved by the government and placed on the PBS. Mum has now only 3 treatments left in her first year and it looks like she wont need to continue after that. My mum is an amazing woman and talks and jokes freely about her experience. She never complained about any of the treatments, she rarely had a day off work and kept a positive attitude the whole time. She is an inspiration.

So that is what the above LO is about.

Bye for now Christie

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Crissy Gaylor said...

Congrats on your first publication! Very groovy layout!