Saturday, January 6, 2007

All work and some scrapping!

Just a quick post to check in. I have to work form 10 to 3 than 5 to 9 tonight at the pub i am getting very over it. Coby is with his Dad today then with mum from about 7:30 till i finish work. Chris is having a day at the Balnarring races a much deserved day out after he has had Coby for me all week.

I got an email from Scrapbooking Memories today and they have accepted my 'Winter survival kit' LO. So i'll get that in the post some time next week.

Off to IKEA tomorrow YAY. I have been doing a bit of scraping and i have surprised myself. The LO have came together very quickly and i am happy with them. Will post them soon. I pick up photo stitch from Jody this afternoon in between shifts hopefully.

This is one of my Favourites LO's that i have done. I created it on our scrapping weekend away in August and i love it. It's for the EDM comp and i am following a bit of a rule with it. I am using MOMENT in every title and also using paperbag cardstock on every LO and i am also including a piece of patterned or cardstock on each layout that is 8 x 10.5 inches just to make it more of a challenge. I have totally enjoyed it. I'm going to post all of my older LO and my EDM LO on Monday when i have a day off.

Happy scrapping and blogging



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Anonymous said...

i can see why that is your fav layout . love the cut-out patterns. great photo too. you poor girl. that's long hours!!