Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Some Layouts!

I did this LO for a submission for SC. They were asking for lo with references to the funny little things people say. Poor Coby had a sore headache in his leg and needed a band aid. I really love this LO i love the stitched ghost frame and the arrows and the doodling and well all of it. :)

This Lo is for the EDM comp. It's for the January- Lil Davis Relaxation. Each year all of my highschool friends catch up for grand final weekend for either 1 day or 2 days. Usually most of us catch up minus one or two. It's always a great weekend with lots of laughs and drinking. This LO cane together very quickly and it is one of my few LO that was completed in one night and ended up looking just as i had imagined.

This is my other EDM Relaxation LO. It was also completed in one night and pretty much how i had wanted it to look. I'm still debating as to whether i will submit the LO's for the comp. I have really enjoyed the challenge and it has kept me busy.

Thanks Jody for scanning my LO's your the best scrappin friend ever. MWAH!


Jody said...

Debating as to whether you will submit your LO's!!

Of course you are!!!!! I don't want to here anymore.........

PS. Your welcome......MWAH back

Anonymous said...

great layouts, christie:)

wendy said...

Wow! Your EDM layouts are amazing!!

You are going to have the best album when you're finished. I hope you decide to submit it because it's awesome.