Monday, January 1, 2007

New Scanner New Layout!

I had my first play with my new scanner today. Chris' Dad finally got it all set up for me Thanks Heata. So here is the LO i was inspired to do tonight.

It is of my friend Nicola after she had her son Owen in October. Just love the shot of her and her Mum with little O.

Ill scan some more LO's in soon just waiting to get my hands on a copy of photo stitch. If anyone out there is willing to send me their copy so i can load it and send it back that would be great. Just wanna play with my new toy!

I have recently bought some furniture for my scrap room. It's coming along nicely. I'm feeling more and more inspired. I have created 2 Lo in the past week and both were completed on separate nights which is a big deal for me as i usually procrastinate over finishing a LO for at least 2 days.

I got these metal baskets from office works last week and they fit perfectly in the 3 spaces to the left of my desk and will encourage me to stay organised as i am a very untidy scrapper. I'm trying to have a theme of Pink and green within the room! I got his wine buffet on special last week in K-Mart it fits my jars perfectly and i love the little cabinet.

I brought the ribbon holder from Terry when she shut up shop SOB.

I have wound all of my ribbons onto my AC ribbon rolls that i was saving for the kids to make Christmas tree decorations. They all fit so well and it's a bit of a feature within the room.
can't wait for my next trip to IKEA with Jody for some more storage solutions, i just love buying storage!

I got this little 'Book shelf from K-Mart as well it was my Boxing day bargain $40. YAY. (bad photo sorry) I'm still working out where i want everything i hope to fill this with all boxes or baskets after visiting IKEA.

And last is my Work station. I LOVE IT. It allows me to keep my LO's setup permanently and still be able to use the computer without having to move everything. It was $500 in furniture galore and it's awesome. 6 hours to assemble and it was so heavy (another Poor photo but you get the idea)

I saw pink office chair in office works last week for about $25 I think I might need one, my wicker chair just isn't practical.

Well that's my scrap space and I'm sure that I am spending too much time in there but it makes me happy.
It would be great to see where everyone else scraps i love looking and getting ideas about how to setup my room and arrange practical storage.

My scrap space used to be very mobile, yes out of the back of my car. Now i dread the thought of packing up my stuff to go scrap somewhere else.
I have a LO i created of a picture of the back of my car it is published in the next issue of SC so i will post it soon, it's a great contrast to what i have now.


wendy said...

Hi Christie,
Are you teasing me? I can't see your photos.
Happy New Year :D

Jody said...

Love the LO Miss Christie I just love those papers, must get mine out and do something with them, and what a bargain from Kmart. Your scrapping space is really taken shape. Doesn't look like Cobes is gettin his toy room back LOL.

Crissy Gaylor said...

Love your craft room! It is so tidy and organised! One day mine will look tidy!!! LOL!

connie said...

WOW Christie...great scrap room!!... wish mine looked like that!!!

wendy said...

Now I see the pictures. Awesome!

I'm so jealous of all your storage. LOL!

Love your LO too.