Friday, December 29, 2006

What a week

Well i have had lots to blog over the past week and a bit but i have been flat out!
Christmas was good nice and relaxed, i never have Christmas at my house so that takes some of the stress away.

We had Christmas eve dinner at Mums house which was a traditional spread of roast chicken and turkey. I has been a bit hard for me this year without having grandma around. She wasn't with us last Christmas which was difficult but mum was in hospital for Christmas having a mastectomy so we didn't have much time to sit and register it all. So Christmas eve was a bit hard for me. We came home put out Santa's beer and cookies (not chicken nuggets as Coby had previously wanted) negotiating with Coby to give the reindeer's an apple because we had no carrots we put coby into bed without any protest, at 8:30. I took the traditional Christmas eve photo of coby sleeping and we 'played' Santa.

We woke up at 6:45 Christmas morning with coby super excited about all of the presents under the tree. We unwrapped them all and coby enjoyed giving Chris and myself presents just as much as opening them himself. He especially enjoyed helping Pip open her presents. Then we all got dressed and went to My sister Kylie's house for breakfast and to exchange presents. We had ham and turkey on toast and i would have been content having this as the only event for the day. Billie her toy poodle was dressed as Santa.
We then went to Chris parents house to exchange more presents and then dropped coby off at his dad's house for lunch. We then went to Chris' aunty's house for a traditional lunch. It was really nice they are a great extended family and lots of fun after a bottle of red and lot's of food we then went to pick Coby up from his dad's house. I then dropped Chris home to have a 'nanna nap' and popped in to visit mum. Then we came home and just hung out.
I had to work boxing day so coby had a Pyjama day at home with Chris and i met him at mum's house after work for a Seafood Dinner which was yummy and the 2Dad's side of the family.....Not very exciting but the food and the 2 bottles of wine through the evening nicely. Dad's family is very old fashioned and a bit dry.

So after Boxing day i have done 3 double shifts at the pub which is usually 11 to 3 and then 5 to 10. Big days and i am exhausted. I was supposed to work today but i gave one of the girls my shift and have spent the day with Chris and coby. We went into Frankston and picked up my scanner YAY. So i will start scanning my layouts and posting them as soon as i load photo stitch onto my computerI got my December kit from OPAT on Tuesday morning it was so exciting. Can't wait to scrap hopefully tonight.
Have a great new year everyone.
Next year is going to be great i just know it!

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