Wednesday, December 20, 2006

yay it's nearly christmas

I just love christmas!
I think i love it more because coby loves it so much.
Well the job interview went great.......better than great it went better than i could have hoped for which is making waiting for that phone call alot harder. Ill be so dissapointed if i don't get it.

Thanks againg for the kind words ladies, i get so excited when i get a new comment, what a geek i have become but i am content to admit that bloggong is my new addiction. It will never take over scrapping but it reduces the time that i scrap a bit.

Now Ruey the reason i haven't posted layouts is because i sadly don't have a scanner :-). i think ill ask Santa for one!
Here is that last layout that i finished, very basic but i love it! My scrap room is also a mess with half finished layouts, half finished Christmas cards and a half finished mini book. I endeavour to post some new layouts ASAP.

I have been Christmas shopping this morning and I'm happy to say i now only have 2 presents to buy, puppy chocolates for the dog and a shirt for my dad what a relief.

I was so lucky i found a child size leaf blower for Coby for Christmas. I'm getting Chris one and Coby loves following Chris around the back yard helping out with his child size mover, whipper snipper, wheel barrow, chainsaw, shovel and other tools. I was worried that not having a child size leaf blower was going to cause problems but YAY i found one in toysRus. Love that shop.

Just got called into work at 5:30 tonight betters go.
should hear about the job tomorrow fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

great layout. oh yes, i love my scanner. i can never take a straight photo of my layouts and i hate to wait for good light to take a photo.

they make everything child size now, don't they? i've seen irons and ironing stands, washing machines etc. i'm thinking about a toy vacumn cleaner though because abby is always wanting to "help" when i vacumn.

Ruey said...

Congrats on the new job far as I am is a fabulous job for a mother!!! Paid holidays!!! Fabulous layout...i don't have a scanner either...well I do...but it doesn't work with our new operating now it's just a big paperweight!! Have a merry merry christmas!!