Saturday, December 16, 2006

What started as a good day..........................

it was a great day untill about 6:40 but ill start at the begining.

I love spending special days with Coby. Just him and I doing whatever we like, usually something special, and just taking it at our own pace

I decided to take him to see 'charlottes webb' today it was so sweet and yes the sook in me shed a tear at the end. Coby was well behaved through the movie a little restless at the end, but what was a bit of a pain was that he kept asking questions throughout the movie. Why is this a pain you ask? He was sort of shouting all of his questions and heaven forbid if i shhhhh him!
*Whats that lady's name?
*I Don't like spiders?
*Where is the man gone?
It was kind of sweet though.

We have had 2 Christmas party's this week and Coby is getting very comfortable around the man in red. Enough to state that Santa is his best friend! Which is a big deal for Coby.

So we went over to Santa and Coby didn't even hesitate to go and say hi. He sat on Santa's lap and was chatting away. I asked the 'elf' to take a photo of Coby and Santa looking each other. She also go a photo of Coby looking at the camera as well, i caved and brought them both!

How sweet! I was so in awe of the situation that i might have had a tear in my eye. MAYBE!
I really do love these days together which need to happen more but between Coby spending every second Saturday night at his Dad's house and spending one day a weekend with his grandad doesn't leave much spare time. The joys of a working mum.

Well here comes the worse part . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I was driving to Terry's house and i was road raged. It is such a gutless thing to do terrorise people with your car and i can now say i have experienced this disgusting behaviour first hand.
Hay we have all been guilty of the odd remark to a passing driver and in the safety of your own car but this was scary.
I pulled into terry's road and there was a car on the roundabout i didn't realise how fast the car was going untill i had already made the turn. The lady driving was shouting and swearing and tailgating me any closer and i would have had them as passengers! So i began top slow down (a bit naughty i know) She was still shouting so i put me middle finger up and began driving at a normal pace.
Terry's house is on a busy road and her driveway is difficult to see so i indicated earlier than i normally would to avoid any trouble. The car then over took me (on double lines and on the rise of a hill) and came to a stop in front of terry's drive way and in front of my car and the male passenger got out. I was 'shitting'(sorry, best description i could find) myself at this time, he then threw a beer stubby into my windscreen and they drove away. I was so shocked i barely made it up terry's drive way and called the police.
Luckily I got the drivers registration number and that Coby wasn't in the car. The police they are going to 'make some calls' and send me the incident report. WOW i am so not capable of any action like this and i am still reeling from it. The Lovely police officer asked why i stuck my finger up and that this person and that the action that i made instigated the road rage behaviour. Maybe but nothing warrants someone damaging someone else's car. I really think that someone should be made accountable for the behaviour!


Crissy Gaylor said...

Road Rage is indeed UGLY! What a complete dickhead! I hope the coppers catch him!
Take care :)

Charmane said...

OH wow Christie - that is VERY scary stuff!!! I hope that they are made accountable!!! I have had little road rage incidents but nothing like that. It scares me that people can be that CRAZY!!! I love the Santa photos with Coby! I'm not sure if Chei would sit with Santa yet... he might but hey, those Santa photos cost a bit don't they? Take Care! - and maybe keep the middle finger down next time(hehe) Love Charmane

Katie Toland said...

OMG Christy! That's horrible. You poor thing!!! Good on you for going to the police... hopefully something will be done about it. Giving someone the bird, hardly warrants that kind of behaviour, and he obviously had something up his butt to be driving like a d!ck in the first place. Some people just have to GROW UP and learn to control their emotions a bit more.

Oh, and I'd LOVE to come scrap with you girls!!!!

Jody said...

What a wanker, I'm so glad you are okay, and he didn't break your window, there are such complete idiots out there. I had an incident a little while ago, on the same night as CTYD last crop. It was scary too, and it was dark. The main concern is you are okay. Typical cops, so what if you gave them some bubble gum (hehe), what would they know, I'm sure I would have done the same thing.
Take care Darl, see you in the morning. WE'RE GOING TO ROBBIE!!!!
Thats gotta cheer you up.

Anonymous said...

i would be "shitting" in my pants too if that happened to me!

i took abby to watch charlotte's web last week. she was quite well behaved but she did asked quite a bit of questions. good thing we went to an early session so there were only a handful of ppl:)

Sonia said...

Oh boy, what a day you had, glad to hear you called the police, hopefully they will do something. I love your santa pics they are just sweet - can totally understand the tear in the eye - I get that too.

And if you are interested in the mm wall text - i can order them in for you - not till after christmas though - let me know cheers sonia