Tuesday, December 12, 2006

boys sweet boys

When i went to pick Coby up from child care on Monday he was atempting to ride the 2 wheeler bike he looked so grown up with the helmet on and taking about two little peddles at a time but i
was so suprised at how persistant he was. So we came home and Chris took the training wheels off of his 2 wheeler bike and they began practicing. I was so annoyed that i had only 15minutes
at home with him and then back off to work. We were only talking about how he was only relying on his training wheels a little when he was riding to the shop the night before, and i insisted that
it might be too early. what do i know.
It's so great to see Chris out there with him. He is so great with him 'super steppy' as he likes to call himself. He is such an improtant part of Coby's life. So off i went to work leaving my boys home to parctice and to cook a BBQ tea. He is growing up so quick. Which reminds me that i must do my then and now EDM layout.

I have gotten back into scarppin, work is rapping up for the year so the workload has reduced considerably. I had go start working back at rosebud hotel for the summer because i have 6-8 weeks
off with no pay which is a pain especially with Coby's child care closed down for 2 weeks. I'M SO LUCKY THAT I HAVE CHRIS!
My nephew had Nits on Tuesday so i got some really funny candid pic's of Bailey and Coby in the bath pretending to have Santa's beard. Ofcourse Coby had to have a shower cap on the same as bailey. (Coby on the left Bailey on the right)
Well off to finish this LO i have been working on new SEI 'Such a Boy' papers LOVE EM.

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Charmane said...

Hi Christie!!! Thanks for joining the challenge!!! Just checking out your blog! I live not TOO far from you - in Aspendale and was at the Dylan fundraiser too! Hope to get to know you better and LOVE your layouts!!!!
Take Care