Sunday, December 10, 2006


I have been meaning to set up a blog for months now and i have finally decided to take the plunge and do it.

The name...welcome to my world, is probably one of my most used catch phrases and how appropriate for a blog title.

I don't know if my world is exciting enough for people to want to read but we will see i guess.

My weekend has been flat out.

Had dinner with Terry and Bec on Friday night. It was lovely. I gets me to thinking about how this amazing craft of scrapbooking can allow you to be creative but above all else it lets you meet some amazing people and if your as lucky as me make some cherished friends.

Although I'm so sad that Terry has closed the doors to her unique scrapbooking shop...
crop-till-ya-drop, but it is wonderful to see her moving on into a new stage in her life.

I feel a little lost without being able to crop and teach there but there is another unique little scrapbooking boutique close buy that I'm sure will allow me to scratch my scrapping itches.

I helped Terry with her garage sale on Saturday, i think the heat kept people away which was a bit unfortunate. Then i came home and couched i love to couch especially if Coby isn't home, make the most of the peace and quiet! The picked Coby and his Nan up from Frankston after their trip to the city. He is one busy little boy.

Then after hanging out at mums house i came home did all of the house things Mum's do and then sat down at 9:30 and scrapped.

The new office/scrap room is awesome but having trouble getting inspired. I shocked myself by creating a LO in 2 hours, I'm pretty happy with it, very basic that's my style at the moment and I'm running with it :-). I'm creating an album for Nic and Dan to celebrate the birth of baby Owen. I love this photo.

Can't wait till Monday when it cools, I'm just not a patient person in the heat. Went to the Beach today relieved some of the irritability. Coby had a ball with Bailey I'm sure it will build up his confidence in the water.

Maybe I'll scrap tonight...maybe watch more of my greys anatomy season 2 DVD. . . only 17 more episodes to go.

till next time

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Ruey said...

Hey there Christie....welcome to the blogging! I absolutely adore that photo of baby Owen in all his glory....that newness to him and your blog title suits that photo too although by the look on his face...he's not buying it! Your cobyisms layout is fabulous...I have a layout using those alphas on my table atm....better start gluing it down. Take care