Thursday, August 30, 2007

ok here is my catch up post...strap yourself in:)

Here is my fathers day project for Paper doll scrap boutique. Im still loving these shots ok little O. I made it to match the colours in nicolas house so she can display it.

Here are my latest 365 Day shots.
WEDNESDAY 22nd aug
I have scrapped my 365 day shots onto index cards so i can keep them all together. Here are the first few i have manage to do.

QUIRKS. I have no patience for technology especially with new technology. No a computer isn't new technology for me but this one is. I swapped my lap top for chris' sisters computer and it has been a mission sorting it out and getting all of the settings how i like them.

Im getting cobys cold and mot looking forward to it. QUIRKS! i don't cope well with being sick. From working in child care or 8 years i rarely get sick so having a cold really annoys me i feel useless and sorry for myself. I hate not being productive.

QUIRKS whenever chris and i drive anywhere either of us have our hand on the drivers leg. I think its a comfort thing. I love the fact that there are still public displays of affection after nearly 4 years. LOVE HIM LOTS


QUIRK? I have been having my hair cut by the same person since i left high school but she has moved to QLD. I got my hair cut on saturday. It looks ok but i gave the hairdresser hell.


NO QUIRK HERE i just feel like crap. called in sick form work and just wanna couch all day


QUIRK! i always wear eye make up. it is especially difficult this time of year because i get eczema on my right eyelid.


QUIRK. I don't bite my nails but i can't handle having scratchy bits of nail hanging. I used to have acrylic nails for 5 years and i want them back but my nails are in the best condition that have ever been so i will just leave them.CRAP PHOTO I KNOW

Ok this isn't going to be a detailed post because i have to go finish packing for our weekend away and chris just rang and informed me that his boss is coming around for pizza for t and it is 8:30 and i have my pyjamas on. better go and change!

hopefully next post ill have some awesome pics of our weekend away .



Debbie Robertson said...

Love your fathers day project. I have seen it at Paperdoll and it looks even better in real life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christie, sorry to hear that you have been sick, I wondered where you had been this week.
Your layout is beautiful, that baby Owen is just so gorgeous.
Hope that you are on the road to recovery.
Have a great weekend
Deb Ross

connie said...

Love LOVE you fathers day canvas.. stunning....

take care


wendy treseder said...

Your 365 photos are really cool. The index card system is such a great idea (wish I'd thought of it - lol).
Sorry to see you've been sick. Hope you feel better soon.

Ruey said...

I always look forward to your daily pics...maybe one day...I'll do something like that. Can't wait to see the mini album that you do with them. Your layouts are just fab! Take care chickadee....Greys will be baaaack very very soon!!

Katie Toland said...

You are so good with keeping up with those pics every day. I'm shocking with things like that. Don't even last a week. Little O is just devine as ever. I love seeing you use his photos. Nicola and Dan's house is the same colours as ours (inside) Well my studio part anyway.

Hope you are feeling better sweetie. There are so many yucky bugs going around :(

xx k