Monday, August 27, 2007

where have i been?

sorry i have been MIA.

Coby was sick all last week and i have been working and i have been getting a new computer installed and i cannot find the driver for my new camera so i can't load any of my new camera photos or my 365 day shots.

ill share this photo from last saturday night the D&S scrapbook retreat.

The drink of choice for the weekend . . . .

RED WINE SLUSHIES! purely by accident but we went with it. im loving chilled red wine atm.

im looking forward to our weekend away in marysville this weekend. we were planning to go to the snow but they have had unusually nice weather and all of the snow has melted!

This is the view this morning of the lake mountain toboggan run! Im happy the weather is nice though.

im sure we will find things to do. im just looking forward to relaxing especially since coby has shared his cold with me!

Thanks for visiting i hope i can share some photo's soon.


love christie


Anonymous said...

Hey Christie, they were really good slushies weren't they!!!!
Cna't wait til next time we drink them together
Deb Ross

Leeanne O'C said...

Have a great weekend Christie. Snow or no Snow It's still nice to get a way.


leeanne x