Friday, August 10, 2007

Photos, 2 plugs, a class and little O

Here are my latest 365 photos.
(im finding it easier to post them weekly)

^ SATURDAY NIGHT: card night at mum's house it's becoming a bit of a tradition, we play phase 10 a really fun game. i usually score untill i have had too much wine and then i loose the very minor maths skills that i have. the most sober person usually wins because the drunk people can't pay any attention to the other peoples strategy. Im pretty good at shuffling.

^ SUNDAY: people usually comment on my eye colour it is really dark blue on the outside and hazel on the inside. Coby looks like he is going to have the same

^ MONDAY this is my 'C' charm chris got me 2 christmasses ago. the letter C is important to me it stands for christie/chris/coby. Als my heart necklace you cant see it too well here only 1/2 of it but i feel lost when im not wearing it. It was my grandmas and if i have a moment of weakness i find myself hoding onto it.

^ TUESDAY this is me on my slOOOOw lap top. i spend way too much time in front of here blog stalking and just surfing the net.
^ WEDNESDAY ok tilt your head to the right > this is chris and i on the couch watching 300. my in my PJ's and chris in his trackies and ugg boots. we love wednesday nights coby is usually at his dad's house for the night and we just kick back watching tv or go and see a movie. YES i am a bit spoilt!

^ THURSDAY this is me giving coby a butterfly kiss he just loves them. he is such a loving boy. he is very afftecionate (s?) and just loves snuggling with his mum.


check out this

I can't wait untill next weekend. The d and S scrapbook retreat at camp manyung in mornington. there are still places available for next friday night if you are interested in coming along. the cost is $25 and that includes a yummy dinner and you can stay as late as you like!

click on the link to book your spot.
just because. . . . . . .

here is a lo i powered through last night.

I really enjoyed working with the LUX designs papers

it will be for the september freestyle class at paper doll. be sure to book your spot. It will be held on a thursday night he date will be confirmed soon.

Im looking forward to a quiet weekend this weekend. Coby has scammed his way into sleeping at mum's tonight and then he will spent the day with his granddad tomorrow, and finally he will spend his first saturday night at home since the end of april.

Hopefully i will get some scrapping done i got my hands on the new scenic route papers and i am so in love with them. The summer range is my favorite ad i think i got every sheet.

make sure you have a look at katie toland's photo bog and scroll down to thursdays post to see the awesome shots of little O he is just so cute i saw all of the proofs today and i can't wait to get my hands on the photo's so i can scrap them.

ill share one here with you. (hope that's ok katie)

he is just so adorable i think it is the little nose.
have a great weekend

MWAH christie


Katie Toland said...

Isn't he a spunk. I love him. Of course I don't mind... thanks for the plug. and I can't wait to see what you scrap :)

xx k

kirsty said...

hello i cant wait for next weekend too it is going to be lots of fun i started packing yesterday i will chat with you on friday !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Christie, Love the Freestyle layout hopefully I will be able to make this class. Looking forward to the retreat everything is just about organised. Have lots of fun and games organised.
Talk soon
Deb Ross

wendy treseder said...

Hi Chris,

Your 365 photos are awesome, making me feel very boring. hehe

That page is sooo cool. I love it, thanks for making it for me.