Monday, September 3, 2007


Hay there sorry is has taken so long. We had an awesome weekend in marysville here are some photos.
I always manage to have some body part near Chris. i just love him FRIDAYS 365 DAY SHOT! After kicking back on the couch for a bit coby and i went to have a look around the unit. I just couldn't resist getting a shot of this double rainbow. can you see coby pointing to it?And here is a shot of coby trying to pose 4 the camera.Coby Loved the SpaFirst thing on sat morning we went to Stevensons falls where we decided to take the 20 minute walk to the top of the waterfall. Coby did really well he set the pace for chris and i. i really glad we decided to take the walk up because the view from the top was awesome. Here is SATURDAYS 365 day shot coby is an absolute clown it is impossible to get a nice shot with him when he is in one of his funny moods.This is chris and coby when we began walking from the car park up the first track. love this shot.
We then decided to ask in one of the ski hire shops about the snow conditions. They said they had managed to make some fake snow over night but you would have to walk for 1kn to see a small area. so we decided to go for it. On the walk up coby found a small lump of ice and began a 'snow ball' fight with chris.This lasted for about 5 minutes untill..........................................Coby was in tears. IT ALWAYS ENDS IN TEARS!
But it didn't take him long to perk up as soon as he saw the 'Snow' he just ran. can you see the snow there in the distance. :) Yes that's it!We managed to make a snow man though so coby was happy.After the snow we drove back to marysville and went fishing at the trout farm. Coby had a ball chris had fun and i was impatient! chris wanted to send me to the car! We ended up catching 3 trout which we had to take home because you weren't aloud to throw them back! We had such a great day but we were all exhausted. So saturday night we decided to have t at the unit. we ordered fish and chips and watched TV.
Sunday morning we went out for breakfast and then had another look around town before heading home.
Here is sundays 365DAY SHOT. im rarely the 'passenger' in my car i prefer to drive but i will admit chris is the more sensible driver so he drove almost all weekend.
OK ill be back tomorrow with more 365 day shots



Anonymous said...

Hey Christie, sounds like you all had a fab weekend. Love all the photo's can't wait to see them on layouts.
See you Friday for a coctail or two
Love Deb Ross

mich said...

Your weekend away looks awesome! I can't stand waiting around for anglers to catch fish either. So I understand how you felt. :)

Great pics!

Sofi said...

Hi Christie!

It looks like you had a great time in Marysville. We were there in April and did/went to the trout farm/Stevenson's Falls etc. Only difference was we didn't see any snow LOL!