Tuesday, November 13, 2007


YES i did it again left it 2 weeks to post my 365 day photos. I need to make sure i take my smaller camera with me more to get more photos that represent my daily activities.

wednesday 31st october
Yes i now have reading Glasses!
Thursday 1st November
I have so many of these chipboard strips they look so cool in this glass now all i need to do id use some of them!
Friday 2nd November
Hanging out with coby being silly.
Sauturday 3rd November What do i take? packing to go to jody's house for a crop.

Sunday 4th November
Spending too much time here again!

Monday 5th November
Ready for work!

Tuesday 6th November
Cup day chilling out before people arrive for our BBQ

Wednesday 7th November
Spending too much time on here too!
Thursday 8th November
Breakfast! I have to force myself to eat some mornings i hate having breakfast early.

Friday 9th November
With my groceries. I have been shopping at coles instead of aldi a bit and my purse is definitely noticing it!
Bailey slept over at our house. The boys needed a shower after an afternoon at the beach!
Saturday 10th November
Balnarring Races...will add photo

Sunday 11th November
New shoes for work! Testing them out before i actually wear them to work making sure they wont hurt me.
Kellie and i took the dogs to the beach today then spent the afternoon by nicola's pool what an awesome day!
Monday 12th November
Pippa stunk and she had all types of crazy beach stuff stuck to her dread locks on her legs. How funny does she look when she is wet. She is booked in to groomingdales on wednesday for a much needed hair cut.

Tuesday 13th November
I Mopped!

That's all ill post a lo tomorrow .



Tracey said...

So pleased I;m not the only one who does rather large catch ups for the 365 day photos

Deb Ross said...

Hey Christie,

Nice to catch up with what you have been doing, see you soon

Love Deb xxxx