Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Horrible Horrible Accident. . . .

hay there everyone

sorry about the lack of posts and christmas wishes. I still have no Internet and my scrap room is only 1/2 unpacked :)

Well about this horrible horrible accident.

I went to the video shop on Thursday night and as i Left coby ran out the front door to tell me something. pippa followed him out and as coby was standing on the footpath calling her to come back she was hit by a 4wd which didn't even bother to stop.
Chris picked her up and after getting blood, poo and being bitten by her took her to the vet. She was in so much pain and obviously in shock but just appeared to have a broken leg. She was just sitting quietly until the vet tried to move her and she became all stressed and went to bite the vet nurse. We left shortly after to sit at home and wait for a call. I have never felt so horribly sick. The vet called and reassured us that she would be fine through the night and that they would do further tests in the morning after that had treated her for the initial shock.
That night was horrible and the next morning what no better as i sat and waited for a phone call. When the vet eventually rang he explained that there was a concern for her bladder and that further tests were needed to make sure that it was in tact. He also had a concern for her pelvis. She has a broken pelvis but it is on each side. So after discussing $ and giving him more permission to do more tests i hung up and had another melt down. If you had told me that i would be this effected by a 'dog' 2 years a go i would have argued black and blue that it is just a pet and that there is certainly a $ figure that was TOO much to spend on a 'dog'.
The vet called later and explained that he was sure that her bladder was fine besides a bit of clotting that will heal with time and that we will need to take her for surgery in Highett on Monday where she will spend a few nights to recover. He is confident that after the surgery she will recover well but wont run as fast or jump as high as she used to.
So after a call to the vet this morning to see how my girl was the vet explained that her urine had less blood and that they will remove the catheter today and continue to monitor her and give her IV fluids all weekend. He explained that she is a comfortable as she could be and that she will be right for surgery on Monday.
It has been horrible not having Pip following me around the house and constantly sitting on my lap but i know she will eventually be ok.
So the moral issue of the week is do you put $ before your pet? Is she just a Pet? and How much is too much to spend on your 'pet'? Also how would i explain it to coby when him being a 5yo boy already thinks pets are expendable ('when my fish dies can i get a Mexican walking fish')
People constantly splurge on luxuries like cars, computers, holidays, renovations, and also spend money on things like their children's braces, glasses and private school fees. It gets you thinking is this different? and how is this different? and is at a viable expense?
I'm truly interested in your opinion even though i have made my decision and that i am happy with it. What would you do?

Thanks for stopping by and please keep Pip in your thoughts.
have a safe new year and make sure you hug your pets daily


AmandaMcGregor74 said...

HI Christie. So sorry about Pip. Personally I would pay anything to have my dog back. She was hit by a bus in February, in front of both my kids. She died instantly, which was a blessing as she was so badly disfigured and squashed that the pain would have been incredible. Still, if there had of been a chance of saving her we would have paid it. As it was we paid $300 to have her cremated and a special urn made, which sits on our "memorial shelf". We have a new dog now, another Jack Russell, and she is totally awesome, but we still feel sad most days for Keeta. Keeta was our first and was born on our wedding day, so she was our first baby. I would seriously compare it to losing a child - absolute devastation and sadness that doesn't go away. So, if Pip is that much a part of your family, do whatever you can, as long as she will be able to enjoy life and be pain free. Amanda

Deb Ross said...

Hi Christie,

It is terrible what happened to Pippa Girl. I hope that everything goes well with her operation.

Talk soon
Deb xxx

Amy Bland said...

OMG! Poor Pip and poor you! I know exactly how you feel, since we had similar issues with Gilly a few months ago.

The money issue is a really hard one. I have no idea how much is ok to spend. I'm the same, I would have thought 2 years ago that people spend way too much on their pets, but once oyu have one, it all changes, doesn't it??

I guess it all comes down to how much money you have and whether you need it for other things or if its extra money?!?! We only had about $1000 to spare at the time Gilly was sick, so whetever we did for him could not have cost more than that. If we'd had $10,000 spare cash lying around, I guess that would have been our limit. Hmmm, its a hard one.

Ill be thinking good thoughts for Pip. I hope her surgery goes smoothly.

*hugs* to you.
Amy B :-)