Tuesday, December 4, 2007

365 day catch up

Some boxes have been packed!
Love KI Memories Laced Cradstock

here is a 365 day catch up post.
There will be nothing specific here just lots of my photos. I have missed some days unfortunately.
There should be 21 photos.

I hate weeding !!

Look at my new christmas decorations i made.

lots of ME heat shots.

I have been wearing my hair up lots! Easier with the new JOB!

I love my little mini socks

Well there you go they are totally in random order but they are mostly there.

Well not long to go before we move house we are pretty organised there are lots of boxes packed already.

I just can't wait to be in this house and setup fresh. I especially wanna setup my christmas tree and organise my scrap room from scratch.

ill post chris' MOVEMBER photos and some others tomorrow...i think this enough for tonight.


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