Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Yes i survived the monthe of "mo"vember...only just. That thing above his lip was foul! :)

We were both surprised at how much of a mo he actually grew chris seemed pretty proud of himself he had never been able to grow that much facial hair before now.

We had a visitor on sunday.....

Chris' dog Degan came to visit us from chris' parents house. He is so big compared to pippa and he has been bought up to be inside atot of the time and that is the main reason he doesn't live at our house. He looks so big and strong but he is so dumb. He just looks at pip and doesn't know what to do with her. I has playing fetch withn pip and he had no idea what to do so he just kept bowling pip over. :)

Hope everyone is getting organised for christmas! Im nearly there!



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Deb Ross said...

Hi Christie,

Degan is quite large compared to little Pippa. I had to look twice at the photo's of Chris at first he does look different with the Mo.
I am trying to get ready for Chrissy, just a few more things to organise.
Talk Soon
Love Deb xxx