Friday, May 4, 2007

Thank you ladies

Thank you so much for the comments ladies. I love receiving them and vow now to leave more comments on other peoples blog because if a comment from me can make others happy well it's an easy good deed for my day.......i don't think i have shared my good deed philosophy.

I try to do one a day, very minor things like getting something for someone a little more busy than you or letting someone clearly struggling in front of you in a que. It's just something i do.:)

A Big HELLOto my Aunty Annie who lives in Arkansas i never realised how much you read my blog and I'm excited by it. Keep leaving comments please.

So today as i messaged to Jody i stepped back over to the dark side. I went to a scrap booking shop that i don't like to go to( for very good moral reasons too complex to blog). I spent to much money but brought some awesome papers and some more Heidi chip letters and scenic route chip letters...all ready to scrap tomorrow with the girls.....can't wait.

I'm feeling better but still not eating a real lot and it doesn't stay in my system for too long if you know what i mean. :(

Coby's grandad has taken him to the circus today which will be great for him. I have this long running line with Coby and my nephews that when they ask me where someone is i say 'they have run away to join the circus' so now coby will have a visual for what i am talking about. I also have a few other lines that i will share now that i am on the topic. If they ask me what i am doing i usually say ' Baking a cake' and if they ask what something is and it is really obvious i say that it's a hamburger'. It's just a little bit of fun and even more cute when they begin to use the lines as well.

Ok thanks for stopping by



Thought i would add a photo my post looked boring. Remember little screaming Baby O. See maybe october/november post! How cute is he. I think that Nicola his mum is a water saver judging by his bath. :)


Crissy Gaylor said...

Hi Christie,
Will have to catch up with you and the girls once I get back to Crib on Thursday... may be living with in-laws awhile...

Anonymous said...

Hey Christie
i don't do much on the puter no more but i have time to read your blogs and read the melb paper :)
and a big HELLO to you as well

mich said...

It was great fun scrapping with you on Sunday. I had a ball. I hope you are feeling heaps better now.... and I hope no one has to see no more caterpillars in their lettuces! LOL