Wednesday, May 16, 2007

News from the doctor!

well after being unwell for a week last week i went to my GP and he suggested because the diarrhoea hadn't stopped that they take a sample for testing. I hadn't heard back so i suspected that the results were fine and there was no need for my GP to get back in contact...well i was wrong!

Well this is what i suspect the results might have looked like.


My GP also explained to me that the health department may be in contact with me because all cases of salmonella have to be reported and then they follow this up to obtain some sort of information about where i may have contracted it from. YUCK

So at least i know now what made me sick and do you know what after 2 weeks i still get stomach cramps daily and my bowels aren't 'regular' as far as consistency goes. (tried to put it the in the least gross way i could )

No Lo to share today I'm a little stuck with some DT LO at the moment and have been madly blogging for some inspiration.

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mich said...

Oh no!!!! Yucky Salmonella.... I really hope you get better soon. Here's lots of get-well and inspiration dust coming your way! Take care, Lovely.

connie said...

Hope your feeling better soon...

take care