Saturday, May 26, 2007

My tissue Box, My Boy, My Health, My published LO

This is the craft wood tissue box that i altered for a DT challenge.
I used jody's camera to take photos, and i have to admit i am in LOVE with it. I will be gettinbg one afer tax time this year definately!

I also took this photo of coby with jody's camera as well i am so in love with it. there are about 20 others of him posing but this is my favourite. I just got the new Junkitz extreme boy papers from blue bazaar and will definately use these they have cool stars and skulls and thave red and black in them. The transperancy ribbonz are awesome.great for all of us out there with no girls to scrap.

Well the salmonella has gotten better i have been taking the inner health plus tablets hopefully they will boost my immune system. Speaking of my immune system i now have a urine infection which is hurting me, im not going to the toilet that often now. I had 4 days work last week and kept putting off going to the doctors...(because i needed to work and work was 9 to 5 and 30 minutes from home).So all thursday night i had the worst pain in my kidneys and it hasn't stopped even now that i have antibiotics. When it rains it pours!

thanks for stopping by ill leave you with my recently published Lo from scrapbooking memories.............they called me ChristiNe haywoood, which is a pet hate of mine!
the scan of the Lo is so poor and i hate to say it the whole magazing layout and scans are poor. They really need to step it out to be on the same level as scrapbook creations and for keeps. It's great to be published don't get me wrong but they just don't do any of the Lo's any justice with the poor photography and small pictures.
Sorry bout the winge.

don't forget to keep leaving comments 1000 views since feb when i put the counter blows me away! BYE

christie NOT christiNe


wendy said...

Cool layout Chris, glad you posted it here because I don't even bother to read SM anymore for the very same reasons you are talking about here. It's just not inspiring when the pages are not presented properly.
Glad to hear you're starting to feel better.
TFS :)

connie said...

loving that layout Christie... and stunning tissue box!!.. super cute!!


mich said...

Hi CHRISTIE NOT CHRISTINE (kekeke)... glad to hear that Mr Salmonella is leaving the building but YOWCH! I hate urine infection. I can't concentrate on doing anything let alone work! Keep drowning your body with water, my dear, drink gallons of it, it'll flush out in no time. Take care!

Ruey said...

Hi Christie!! Love love love your tissue box and love love love your winter survival kit layout!! Glad that you are getting over the Salmonella. I love that photo that you took of the top and I just finished a layout the other day with those junkitz papers too. Pirates are all the rage nowadays!!!
Take care and look out for some yummy mail next week!!!