Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I just had to share this............

I was looking on eBay for dog collars and came across the cutest Dog jumpers from the UK i ordered 2 and ended up paying $33.80 Australian dollars. What great value have a look at the petitude online store here
Chuck isn't the biggest fan of his new jumper but he will get used to it. Great photos to scrap!

Have you been visiting the Buzz and Bloom Blog? I have a new post that will be uploaded on Wednesday just a few cards i have made here is a peek.
I am thoroughly enjoying being on the buzz and bloom DT the products are fantastic and I'm waiting on some new release products. Let me give you a hint.......they aren't all chipboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck was sitting having a rest on my desk last night he was so cute well that was until i started painting and he started barking at my paintbrush....well his version of a bark anyway :) And now as i try to type he is up on my desk with me again barking and attacking my hands. Gotta Love playful Puppy's.

That's all for now from Chuck and I
Bye :)


Katie Toland said...

OMG puppy hoodies. How cute is that LOL!

sarah said...

your pup is sooooooo cute! :)