Sunday, July 13, 2008

Guess who is 28...................


It was my birthday last friday and yes im 28 it sounds so young to be honest i don't wanna be in my 20's anymore. No im not wishing my life away i just don't like being in my 20's i being in my 30's sounds more exciting to me...i know the exact opposite to the NORM people usually fear being 30 but i can't wait!

I had my hair was well overdue and i am so happy i did. It's darker than usual which is a nice change.
I have been checking out alot of CHA sneek peeks and i thought i would share some of my favorites.
The new october afternoon line
new AC thickers CHIT CHAT
Maya Rd chip Album
New Cosmo Cricket

New Glitz Designs
I just wanna get my hands on them all.

Ok i have been scrapping i was inspired to tidy my scrap room then inspired to create something for my wall. I have been finding my scrap room very uninspiring so i created this.....

I just love it. I clip my fave photos and other inspiring things here i have to admit it worked i have actually started scrapping again and i have so many ideas i just need more time.

I also moved my wooden ikea draws infront of where i work this has created a small shelf and also closes in the annoying gap between my desk and the wall. My work space is an L shape and it is soooo heavy chris mates tried to move it flush with the wall but it just wouldn't happen....this has worked out ok because now i need more draws and this means a trip to ikea.....can't wait for that spending spree all i need now is $ :) Here is a photo of my frame peg board that also hands in my scarp room i sorted this out too and im pleased with the result......i have loads of stuff to sell on ebay now....just need to get that setup.

With all of the tidying up i created this page. I love the october afternoon paper ranges and craft cardstock backgrounds.

The Page is based on cobys line 'what you said' he says this instead of saying what did you say. I used to correct him for saying it and now it has turned in to a private joke between us. He does have the best sense of humor

I think that's enough sharing for today thanks for dropping in.

:) Christie

Stay tuned for a serious card share i have been madly creating cards......which i have never really been interested in up until the past 3 weeks. I just have to photograph them.

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