Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I HAVE NEWS..........................

Sorry it has been so long in between posts!
Life is just flat out at the monent but i do have some awesome news to share.................

Chris and i had the most romantic weekend for our 5 year anniversary. We stayed in stkilda at the Urban hotel where we have stayed for our first date and also for our 3 year anniversary. It has a king size bed and a double spa at the end of the bed. the Hotel is amazing it is about 6 years old and so modern.

We got there at 4 and went for a walk up Fitzroy st then sat and had a yummy dinner. Then we headed off on a tram for the footy to see hawthorn. It was great game. then we walked back to flinders street and Chris insisted we go on a ride on a horse and carriage. CHRIS NEVER INSISTS ON ANYTHING!!!!!! So off we go in the back of a horse and carriage. Then Chris and i start chatting about how much we love each other and he pulls out this


It was sooo sweet and so romantic without being too cheesy. We then caught a tram back to the hotel and had a spa and well................................ :)

The next morning we got up had another spa and had breaky at out hotel and the had a walk around the city.

It was a perfect weekend and i just feel like the luckiest person i know.....I'm so excited.

One thing that has surprised me is that we are planning a wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was happy to have a long engagement but Chris is happy to get married on out 6 year anniversary next year. I'm happy to go along with that. We think we have already decided on a venue for the engagement party and the wedding and it is only Tuesday!

It is so awesome to be moving onto this new stage in Chris and my relationship and Chris is really excited and I'm not used to seeing him like that so it is wonderful i just can't wipe the smile off of my face.

Ill leave this post here and ill be back this week with some lo's and some cards.

thanks for stopping by

christie :)


Rebecca Vavic said...

Congratulations cute one!!!
I am so happy for you all.
Bek xo

Felicity said...

Congratulations lovely sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. Enjoy making your plans and I have to say your new puppy is just way too cute xxxFelicity.

Katie Toland said...


That's just awsome news babe. So happy for you all. Big smiles and happy dancing here :)


mich said...

Hey!!! I'm so sorry I haven't visited your blog for a while (I haven't visited anyone's blog for a while if that makes you feel any better... sorry.). CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! That is fabulous news! I'm so very happy for you. I'm sure Cody is very happy too. Congratulations again! :) :) :)