Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well we finally have Chuck at home with us.
I picked him up on thursday and he has been so good, toilet training is challenging we are ontop of it making sure we take him to his training absorbant pads when he needs to 'go'. He has had only 2 #1 accidents on the carpet and that is just because we havn't gotten to him in time. It is just too cold and wet to be toilet training him for outside being that he is soo timy.
Night times are a bit of a pain he was in with chris and i for the first 2 nights then in his dog carrier on my bedside table last night. I had to keep putting my hand in through the zip of the carrier so he could feel me then when he was settled moving it out. I am up with him 2 or 3 times a night for the toilet. Yes hard work but so worth it.
I can imagine you all thinking . . .harder than a newborn baby i can imagine you all thinking but it really isnt.

We decided not to make him sleep in the laundry bacause we are spending so much time hugging him all day it's not fair to just dump him in the laundry of a night......that's not fair on him. His little bark is so cute sounds like a squeeky toy and he has been having fun chewing chris' arm and hand and he seems to like snuggling riht up in my neck......he really likes hair.
My house feels like a home again no longer empty. Yes i still think about Pip every day and i have to admit when i had Chuck in my arms after i pucked him up i did shed a few tears. I know he will never be the Dog pip was and that is ok he is CHUCK a sweet cuddly boy puppy with a very timid personality.

OK here are some Photos...i cant wait to scrap them.

until next time

:) christie

ps does anyone still read my blog????????????? be sure to leave a comment.....please i wanna know whos visiting from all over the world?


Kerryn said...

OMG he is so freakin' cute! Can't wait to see the layouts you scrap about him. TFS :).

Anonymous said...

Christie, I am in America right now and try to keep up with a lot of the blogs that I read when I am home in Melbourne. Glad to see you have a new "love". I'm sure you will be posting lots of LO's