Thursday, January 3, 2008

Look who is home!

It is so great to have my girl home.

Ill post tomorrow with an update and my latest 365 day photos.
(i decided to have a 'break' from the photo challenge for the month of december because of the move/no internet/christmas/pip's accident/toncilitis)

untill tomorrow


wendy treseder said...

Hi Chris,

Oh you poor thing! It's such a horrible feeling when anything happens to your pet. They really are part of the family but they are so dependant on us to survive. You feel so helpless when they are hurt. I'm so happy that she is okay and home again with you.

As far as money is concerned, what wouldn't you do? Vet bills are enormous but when it comes down to it I always feel like I owe it to them for all the love they give.

Hopefully now things will start to settle down for you. They can only get better.
Take care of you and little pip

Amy Bland said...

I'm so glad Pip is ok. She looks a bit sad and sorry for herself.

Amy :-)

Deb Ross said...

Hi Christie,

I am glad to hear that Pippa is home, I hope that she is on the way to making a full recovery.

Look forward to seeing you tommorrow and catching up on all the news on Pippa's operation.

Love Deb xxxx

Leeanne O'C said...

OMG Christie I have just read your last post. I feel sick for you, and poor poor little Pip.

What a horrible time for you all, glad to hear she is home with her loving and attentive family.

Insert a little *tear* here.

thinking of you all


Leeanne x

Jodie said...

ohhh im glad shes home and shes ok the poor little thing.
what a cutie.