Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Coby

Last tuesday by boy turned 5!!!!

Wow i never thought it would floor me that way it has. 5 is BIG

I have never really been effected by another of coby's birthdays before now he was just another year older, growing big etc. But this birthday WOW!

I think i might have something to do with the fact that 2 and a half weeks after his birthday he will be starting SCHOOL and to me that is really big. I am welcoming school yes sure i will shed a few tears on the first day and i really don't want him growing up this fast but i can't wait for school! Bring on the routine, the stability and bring on the new phase in all of our lives.

Coby is so excited we took him to buy his new school clothes on his birthday to add to the excitement and it is just so amazing. He has grown up over the holidays and has besome more mature and settled in his skin. We havn't really done that much and i think that it has benefited him greatly. He isn't coming and going too and from kinder creche, grandmas house, dad's house etc. it has been really settled and it shows.

He also hasn't been staying at his dad's house or seeing him for that matter(long story) for over a month now and i think the consistency with Parenting has made all the difference too. He has been spending 3 days at a time with his grandad and he really loves that I think it's the realxed environment and the sea air that has contributed also.

Life is really good at the moment and i cant wait to see what 2008 will bring!

Ill share some photos with you.

Until next time hopefully ill post some LO's if im not slack and 365 day photos. . . . that's another story!

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